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Abyssal Souls is a currently-heavy-WIP mod that will eventually add a large amount of content to Terraria, including but not limited to;

-16 new bosses, including 9 post-Moon Lord bosses, two of which will be exceptionally durable and powerful SUPERBOSSES.

-A multitude of new weapons, tools, armors and accessories.

-Multiple brand new enemies.

-A weapon-awakening system that will have you revisiting an ever-evolving boss fight to gather materials to make certain susceptible weapons, tools and armor sets even more powerful!

-New biomes, dungeons, and decorative blocks.

-Three new town NPCs, two of which must be defeated as bosses to become available! One of the two will offer guidance in battling the dreaded Lords of the Void, and the other will offer a variety of special potions built just for the mod that will offer a brand new risk-versus-reward optional challenge that Vanilla sorely lacks! Will you temporarily trade raw power for monetary gain with the Greed Potion? Or perhaps you will bolster your defenses in exchange for some of your speed with the Juggernaut Potion! It's all up to you!

-New songs composed by Turquoise and Charlie Debnam to suit the mood of every boss battle and biome the mod adds!

-And the ability to craft a lore book that will add to its pages as you take down more bosses and slowly uncover the history of the world and the nature of your unenviable mission!

All this and more is in the future of Abyssal Souls! Stay tuned for updates!

A special thanks to "maker of scratchock live" and "Gapbro" for assisting in the spriting and coding, and to the folks over at the tModLoader Discord for being willing to put up with my incompetence early on.

v0.1.1 Changelog:
-Fixed text on Syntanium Bar, increased speed of Syntanium Axe

v0.1 Changelog:
-Added Syntanium Ore and all related items
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