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Ore Seeds
Download v1.1.0 (50 KB)


SuperAndyHero#1185 either directly, on the official Terraria Server, or on the TML Server.

Tell me if ive missed any ores from a supported mod, or what other things I should add a plant for!


Developer: SuperAndyHero#1185

Any sprites not listed below: SuperAndyHero#1185

Chaotic Sprite: Stuckinahol3#9719

Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead, Silver, Tungsten, & Souls of Night/Light Sprites: beberhard22#8066

Demonite, Crimtane, Enchanted Granite,
Enchanted Marble, Cryolite, Thermite, Star Piece,
Spirit Ore, & Floran Ore Sprites: Darkpuppey#9233"> The Ore Seeds mod adds new plants and seeds that allow you to grow ores once you have collected enough of said ore.
This mod contains Plants for every vanilla ore.
Plus support for:
+Sacred Tools
+Beyond The Forgotten Ages

Most ore seeds recipes require 20 ore and mushroom seeds at a demon altar, but recipes may vary based on the rarity of said ore.
I suggest you take some mushroom seeds to the guide or use recipe browser for a list of the seeds.

Every plant will always give one seed

Now works in multiplayer!

If you find any bugs, have have some feedback, or want to help with sprites, contact me on discord: SuperAndyHero#1185 either directly, on the official Terraria Server, or on the TML Server.

Tell me if ive missed any ores from a supported mod, or what other things I should add a plant for!


Developer: SuperAndyHero#1185

Any sprites not listed below: SuperAndyHero#1185

Chaotic Sprite: Stuckinahol3#9719

Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead, Silver, Tungsten, & Souls of Night/Light Sprites: beberhard22#8066

Demonite, Crimtane, Enchanted Granite,
Enchanted Marble, Cryolite, Thermite, Star Piece,
Spirit Ore, & Floran Ore Sprites: Darkpuppey#9233

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Download v2.0.4.1 (18.7 MB)


JoJo Stands:

JoJoStands Wiki... in the forum post

Discord Link... also in the forum post.

The JoJoStands Contributors: Placement, Phil, Techno, Blu, Hey Mister, Joser, Niker, D.Storm, Benney, NekroSektor, Ozi, StringsArn'tRealNumbers, Xenon, Com-Obie, Gundam_Belphagor, and KrimsonHeadshot
Alana Gilston, for making TerraUI which helped us make the Stand Slot
The ExampleMod devs, cause it's a good everything reference

Localizer Package
5 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Nightmares Unleashed
Download v1.6.7 (4 MB)


Fight some of the baddest bosses around! Or, fight some of the lesser bosses added for pre-hardmode!

This mod currently has;
- 10 unique bosses, 5 pre-hardmode, 4 hardmode, 1 true final boss (Tested with all endgame classes so it's very fair, just very difficult!)
- 7 minibosses, 3 pre-hardmode, 4 hardmode
- 135 items
- 12 enemies
- Extended throwing class
- The new final boss is spawned with materials obtained through Solar Eclipses, Alien Invasions and Pirate Invasions.
- Boss Checklist support!

Planned content;
- 16 bosses in total
- Lots more minibosses (Minimum 10)
- Tons more items (Hopefully a few hundred)
- Another tier to the endgame
- More regular npc's to flush out the game a bit (Hopefully at least 50)
- Extend the throwing class to hardmode (About 90% done)

1.6.7 adds:
- Added Worm Eye! Drops from Devourers. You use this to spawn the Grasper!
- Gave the Grasper a harder 2nd phase and expert mode AI! Also added an expert mode item and (so far) a new melee weapon drop!
- Gave the final boss his own theme! Also completely changed the sky modifier for him, he looks much more badass now! Basically, everything about him is improved. (He's much harder now)
- Nerfed the Full Restore a bit (Max stack size is only 1 now)
- Made all the bosses show up on the map again!
- Added the Dirt Yoyo! Toggles the class of damage (VANILLA) yoyos do upon use (Melee or thrown!), saved per-character!
- Did lots of balancing tweaks to the weapons post-moonlord! (The melee don't suck anymore!)
- Summoning item for the final boss requires more materials and is infinite now! Don't worry, if you had the old one you only need the new materials.
- Added the Imp lord! A pre-hardmode underworld boss for if you want one more step of gear before fighting the WOF.

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Boss Expertise
Download v3.0.2 (43 KB)


Do you think that Expert Mode is too hard but still want a challenge? Are Normal Mode bosses too boring?
Then this mod is probably for you! Boss Expertise makes bosses behave like they're in Expert Mode, even though their stats don't change.
BossExpertise also adds some optional features (like bosses dropping Treasure Bags in Normal Mode), which are disabled by default.
Also allows you to toggle Expert Mode via chat command (/expert), Cheat Sheet or HERO's Mod.

Big thanks to Pop000100 for maintaining the mod.

Localizer Package
5 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Item Stats+
Download v1.3.2 (37.5 KB)


### Item Stats+
Item Stats+ will display more in-depth stats for all weapons.
Three diferent stlyes can be used

### Changelog

- Weapons that change default tooltip layout will not be affected due to compatibility issues.
- Thanks to Nextshot for pointing this out!

- Color no longer effects accessories or armor.
- Thanks to Nordblum for pointing this out!
- Color will still show velocity.

- Color option added.
- Removes prefix text and changes color of stats.
- Icon updated.

- Rebuilt for tModLoader v0.10.1.
- Knockback rounded.

#### e.g.

Mythical Demon Scythe
40 magic damage
9% critical strike chance
Very fast speed
Average knockback
Uses 13 mana
Casts demon scythe
+14% damage
+10% speed
+5% critical strike chance
-7% mana cost
+15% knockback

Mythical Demon Scythe
40(+5) magic damage
9%(+5) critical strike chance
18(-2) (Very fast) speed
5.75(+0.75) (Average) knockback
Uses 13(-1)
Casts demon scythe
+14% damage
+10% speed
+5% critical strike chance
-7% mana cost
+15% knockback

Mythical Demon Scythe
35(+5) magic damage
4%(+5) critical strike chance
20(-2) (Very fast) speed
5(+0.75) (Average) knockback
Uses 14(-1) mana
Casts demon scythe
+14% damage
+10% speed
+5% critical strike chance
-7% mana cost
+15% knockback

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.1 Edit | Delete
Better Night Sky
Download v1.5.0.1 (1 MB)


This little mod simply makes your nighttime skies look nicer.
The moon texture is replaced, celestial objects are added to your skies, and new sky movement is added for realism.

Report any bugs you find in the homepage or on the discord!

Localizer Package
3 months ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Solutions Mod
Download v1.4.2 (391.4 KB)


Solutions mod adds several new Clentaminator solutions by way of a new town NPC, the Terraformer.
This solutions range from Filling solutions, which fill empty space with a block (or liquid), Removal solutions that remove any block (or liquid), biome spreading solutions, such as one for the Ice biome, to Ore spreading solutions that replace stone with a variety of ores and gems.
This mod also add two new Clentaminator types, also sold by the Terraformer: the "One Shot Clentaminator" that allows you to fire one solution vial at a time (no more consuming 5 vials to convert one block) and the "Boomstick Clentaminator" that fires three bursts of spray (shotgun spread) per single vial shot (also with no auto reuse).

To unlock the Terraformer, you need to have any Clentaminator in your inventory and an empty house. If she dies, she will only respawn if you have a clentaminator with you.

Changelog v 1.4.2
- Updated to Tmodloader

Changelog v 1.4.1
- Jungle solution now also converts dirt into mud and any corrupt stone/sand back to normal.
- Added icon

Changelog v 1.4
- Version for tmod 0.10
- Added Actuating/De-Actuating Solutions:
- They make appropriate solid blocks become passable/solid again. Actuating version sold by the Terraformer for 10 silver, post Golem, De-Actuating version crafted from 1 Actuating one.
- Added Actuator Placing Solution:
- Places actuators on wired, solid tiles that can be actuated eventually (ignores restrictions such as trees or chests on top). Made from 10 actuators and one Mineral Solution.
- Added Wire Removing Solution:
- Removes all wires, actuators and junction boxes placed on tiles. Sold by the Terraformer after defeating the Golem for 50 Silver.
- Added Lihzarhd Brick Solution (an ore spreading solution)
- Added Pickaxe Power Solution:
- This special solution can remove any block your strongest pickaxe/drill/claw can mine. Example: If you only have a Copper pickaxe with you, dungeon bricks cannot be removed. However, if you have a Cobalt Pickaxe and a Copper Pickaxe in your inventory, dungeon bricks will be destroyed. For Lihzarhd Bricks, a Picksaw in your inventory is required, regardless of where it lies. It is sold by the Terraformer after you defeat all 3 mechanical bosses.

Changelog v
- Corrected Dark Blue Solution spreading Crimson.

Changelog v 1.3.1
- Corrected Chlorophyte solution spreading Adamantite.

Changelog V1.3
- Major code refactor to allow for customizing sprays.
- Added Grass Spreading Solutions:
- Spread their respective kind of grass to any dirt/mud block that is in contact with air or platforms.
- "Grass Spreading Solution" bought at the Terraformer for 25 silver.
- Hallowed, Corrupt, Crimson, Mushroom and Jungle versions crafted with one "Grass Spreading Solution" and one biome converting solution (crafts 2).
- "Anti-Grass Solution" now crafted with a "Grass Spreading Solution" instead of bought.
- Added "Glass Filling Solution" and "Glass Removal Solution", crafted with 2 "Sand filling Solution" and one "Lava Filling Solution".
- Added a "Luminite Solution" that drops from the Moon Lord with 1/5 chance (cannot be crafted like other ore/gem solutions).
- Added Infinite versions to all solutions, crafted with 999*4 for most solutions and for ores/gem solutions with either 999*10 ore/gem + 999 Mineral Solution or 999 of the ore spread solution.
- Added Nozzle and Barrel accessories, sold by the Terraformer:
- Light Suppressor is available from the start, costs 50 gold, and makes all sprays emit no light.
- Concentrator Nozzle is available post three mechanical bosses for 2.5 platinum and reduces the radius of conversion by half.
- Spread Nozzle is available post Moon Lord for 10 platinum and doubles conversion radius.
- Tri Reductor Barrel is available post three mechanical bosses for 5 platinum, and reduces spray distance by 1/3 and chance to consume ammo to 1/3.
- Penta Reductor Barrel is available post Plantera for 7.5 platinum, and reduces spray distance by 1/5 and chance to consume ammo to 1/5.
- Long Range Barrel is available post Plantera for 10 platinum and doubles spray distance at the cost of double ammo consumption.
- Vast Range Barrel is available post Moon lord for 20 platinum and quadrples spray distance at the cost of 4 times the ammo consumption.
- All accessories stack and work regardless of ammo available, so shooting Clentaminator with a Long + Vast Range Barrel will consume 8 ammo if available, but still work and shoot 8 times further even if you only have one solution.
- Terraformer now only spawns in hardmode,

Localizer Package
9 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.1 Edit | Delete
Archery Mod
Download v0.37.23 (1.7 MB)


This mod is 150 days into development, and focuses on improving the bows in Terraria, which lack as of now. This mod will constantly be getting updated.

Thanks to the Sprote-making catto & Kaitlin for their contributions to the mod!

This mod currently adds in the following 100+ items:

. 70 New bows
. 1 New Staff
. 19 New accessories
. 14 New materials
. 21 New arrows
. 5 New arrow grenades
. 3 New armor sets
. 1 New NPC
. 1 New Enemy
. 8 New loot bags

If you didn't know, I'm actually a game developer, and I make tons of art, music and more! (This is my first terraria mod, criticism is welcome!) If you want to support both my terraria mods and my games, consider becoming a patron for a custom donor item and other special rewards! If you just wanna share and have fun, or want a list of the items in this mod, join my discord below!



Updates to the Archery Mod will be weekly each Friday. Enjoy!


Due to the growing popularity of Archery Mod, I have created a wiki page for those who want to find the recipes. It is brand new and doesn't contain very many items, but It keeps growing every day. You can find it here:

== v1.2.9 - Quality of Life - Changelog ==

* Steel Ore Generation Fixed *

- 1 New Armor Set: Hunter Armor
- 2 New accessories - Strange Quiver & Arrow Stone
- Quivers now VISUALLY equip on the player
- Target & Reinforced target now increase arrow penetration
- 1 New Arrow - Snowball Arrow
- Arrow loot bages have a chance to drop the Strange Quiver
- Arrow loot bags are now more slightly common

Localizer Package
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Download v1.10.2 (132.8 KB)


Adds wormholes for two-way fast travel between remote locations. Be warned: It's a bumpy ride, and there's no telling where you might end up!

Also, Town Portal Scrolls let you create your own personal wormhole (Wormhole Potion + Book + Mana Crystal).
- Config file: Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mod Configs/Wormholes.json

Localizer Package
4 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Danew's Mini-Boss NPC
Download v0.2.2.1 (205.1 KB)

Danew Dr

Danew's Mini Boss NPC Adds A Brand New NPC To The Game: The Arch Wizard!
He Sells Summoning Items for various Mini-Bosses And Event Bosses (So, kinda like Fargo's Mutant)

Currently Supported mods: Calamity, Thorium, Spirit, Tremor, GRealm and Nightmares Unleashed

Since there isn't an official definition for a 'Mini Boss' most of the summon items are for enemies that can prove to be quite the challenge at the point they are fought.
If there are any other enemies/bosses you feel need to be added be sure to let me know on the forum thread.
Also let me know what other mods to support.
Hope you enjoy the mod!

v0.2.2.1: Fixed Old One's army summons being sold incorrectly
v0.2.2: Updated Calamity support (Abyss mini-bosses, "new" Earth Elemental, new Cnidrion, Great Sand Shark)
Added new DD2 mini-boss summons (Betsy, tier 3 Dark Mage and tier 3 Ogre)
Added new rare creatures (Digger and Giant Worm)
Added pillar summons
Arch Wizard now sells the Tiara if tier 2 Old One's army is defeated but not tier 1
New Arch Wizard sprite
Updated icon to have new Arch Wizard sprite
Adjusted shops slightly
Enemies no longer spawn directly on top of you
Adjusted most prices to be more balanced
Boss Items are no longer craftable
Removed Jabberwocky, Corrgoth, Crimgoth and Slimegoth from shops (not/no longer mini-bosses)

v0.2.1: Added some useless items crafted from the all the drops of each boss (one item per boss, these will be given unique effects in a future update)
GRealm Support (Barbarian, Undeadipede, Bumblebirb Rider)
Calamity Mod Support (Cnidrion, Earth Elemental, Cloud Elemental, Plagurbringer)
Seperated the Arch Wizard's shop into two different shops (Mini-Bosses and Event Bosses)
Added more summons to the RCC's shop (Anomura Fungus, Cochineal Beetle, Cyan Beetle, Devourer, Dune Splicer, Lac Beetle, Martian Probe, Undead Miner, Sea Snail, Squid, Tomb Crawler, World Feeder)
Removed Lost Head from RCC's shop (Instantly t

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Download v0.5.2 (1.3 MB)


Legendaries+ is an addon mod for the Calamity Mod, adding in some cool stuff, including more legendary items, even legendary ammo!


Knowledge - Original Hypernova Disk, Starpillar and Truefire Slicers.
Providab, the Yoten God - Hypernova Disk, Starpillar, Celsius Zero, Truefire Slicers.

Localizer Package
5 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
No Angler Timer
Download v1.1.2 (17.5 KB)


A simple mod that disables the timer for the Angler's quest and adds a "reroll" button to switch the fish that the Angler has for 5 gold. Everything is configurable.

Localizer Package
3 months ago tModLoader v0.11.7.4 Edit | Delete
Yet Another Boss Summon Shop
Download v1.0.0.6 (27.2 KB)


YABSS is a simple mod that makes a town NPC sell boss summoning items when you defeat the respective vanilla boss. The price for these items depends on the difficulty of the boss and placement for progression.

For the best cross-mod compatability, the NPC that sells summoning items is configurable to your preference. In the mod config, you can choose any of the pre-Hardmode town NPCs with a shop. It defaults to the Clothier.

After defeating the Wall of Flesh, he will sell Innocent, Helpless Bunnies that can summon the Wall of Flesh without murdering the Guide. After defeating Plantera, he will sell a Peppery Fruit that summons her without need of a bulb. Finally, downing the Moon Lord will cause him to sell Cracked Relics that summon him instantly instead of after a delay.

If you have a mod like Calamity that already has this function built in, you won't need this mod.

Localizer Package
7 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Cheeze's Content Pack
Download v1.1.4.3 (2.9 MB)


Cheeze's Conent Pack is a mod that adds a variety of content to Terraria.

As of right now the mod includes several tools, an armor set, a few new armor parts, a number of accessories, a new generated ore, 140+ weapons, lots of materials, several monsters, a town npc and a crafting station.
� There's content spread over hardmode and pre-hardmode.
� New content spread over a variety of biomes, places and events.
� Stacked Items crafted at a heavy work bench to save chest space.
� A ton of content related to other games like Ratchet & Clank, FlyFF and Overwatch.
� Variants to certain vanilla monsters with useful loot.
� Lots of new, fun and unique items are available.
� Tiered Kunai and Halberds.
� Alternative ways to get certain vanilla items.
� Several Quality of Life improvements.
� A little bit of cross content with other mods, more in the future.

NOTE: Update for tModLoader has just come out! If you see or find anything odd be sure to tell me!

Feel free to donate Ethereum to 0x7086C605A431ff8077a6378f79Ce32E125F1B000
or donate Bitcoin to 1CGDXuJHvyC3SLk2JEs4Q6hCULtHCTzxgD

v1.1.4.3 Hotfix
Icon Updated

v1.1.4.2 Hotfix
Updated to

v1.1.4.1 Hotfix
Fixed Tyrranoid sound not using the updated file.

v1.1.4 - Quality Improvements
Updated Megacorp Vendor to have a bigger contrast in the overworld sprite.
Reduced Tyrranoid Noise
Updated a few sprites

v1.1.3 - 0.11 Support, Quality Improvements!
Resprited a bunch of items to be more visually appealing
Added Infinite Ammo variants and config.
Created a new Icon.
Fixed minor bugs.
Added Viking Axe & Hammer
Added True Sun Strike
Some balance changes.

v1.1.2.4 - GitHub integration
The same as the previous version with some back-end changes to make the mod more open source reliable.

v1.1.2.3 - Minor Fixes
Hopefully finally fixed mobs spawning at wrong heights.
Built for 0.10.1
Icon Fixed.

v1.1.2.2 - Hotfixes
Changed Eyebats to only spawn in night.
Fixed Relic Fragment not dropping.

v1.1.2.1 - Icon Testing
Made an Icon and a few minor fixes.

v1.1.2 - Support, Quality Improvements and Nukes!
Major Changes to most "Fist" Weapons. Utilizing FlashKirby99's WeaponOut methods to have a variety of special attacks, a better appearance and much more!
Changes to Pulse Pistol and The High Noon to reflect your ammo on usage (might change again in the future in it's own ui section).
Platforming Improvements to Agents of Doom Upgrade line.
Variety of grammar tweaks and balances, I have rewritten a lot of text, so if you see any grammar mistakes, contact me.
Added two new weapons to the Gravity Bomb upgrade line.
A ton of graphical improvements to older sprites.
Fixed some minor bugs.

v1.1.1.4 - support.
Added a new monster.
Fixed Loot pool of Dragon Eye.
Buffed Pulse Rifle and the Vaporizers slightly

v1.1.1.3 - Happy late new year!
Fixed certain monsters spawning wrongly on the Y axis. I.E. Spawning in hell while they shouldn't.
Added a new recipe for Money Through if Thorium Mod is enabled.
Changed Molten Eye (which now spawns correctly) to only appear after defeating EoW/BoC.
Changed Dragon Eye to only appear after defeating EoC.
Overal Reduced Spawnrate of most monsters in the mod.
Revisited a lot of old sprites that were below par.

v1.1.1.2 - Merry Xmas
Build for 0.9.1
Fixed AI problem with Granite Wanderer in expert mode shooting more than a single laser at once.
Nerfed Dragon Eye.
Removed Hellstone Bolt drop from monsters in the Underworld except Wall of Flesh, thus preventing an early way to get tier 2 weapons.
Lancer and Heavy Lancer damage buffed and its shots now evaporate in water.
Lava Gun buffed and its shots now evaporate in water.
And more general fixes and balancing.
Nerfed Dragon Eye in expert mode.

v1.1.1.1 - Angel Update.
(New)(Some)Angel Weapons and essence now drop from the mech bosses, more coming soon.
Lots of bugfixes related to FlyFF weapons.
New Texture for Sun Strike (based on the textures Eli10293 supplied me a while ago.)
Reduced Droprate of certain weapons.
Nerfed Dragon Eye in expert mode.
Minor balancing and bugfixes.

v1.1.1 - Galactic Madness.
New Town NPC: Martian Trader
Added Mahogany Blowpipe.
Added Callisto Bow.
Ultra Agents now permanently fly and do more damage.
Added Slime Staff to King Slime drop list if Quality of Life mod is not loaded.
Made the Merchant sell flares if you have a Lava Gun or its upgrades in your inventory.
Made the Arms Dealer sell Rocket 0.
Improved compatibility with Prefixes from Enemies.
Fixed a bug that caused certain parts of recipes to dissapear when hovering over it when using a recipe group.
Lancer and Lavagun resprited by Vladimier, I altered

Localizer Package
4 months ago tModLoader v0.11.7.2 Edit | Delete
Helpful Hotkeys
Download v1.7.4 (80.2 KB)


Adds helpful hotkeys. Change hotkey assignments in Settings/Mod Controls.

Cycle Ammo: Defaults to the Period key.
Cycles the ammo in the ammo slots. Quickly switch ammo to adapt to situations. Hold for 1 second to enable/disable Auto Cycle Ammo mode. In Auto Cycle Ammo mode, ammo is cycled each time ammo would be used.

Auto Torch: Defaults to the Tilde/Backtick key.
Automatically places a torch from your inventory in the world as close to the mouse cursor as possible. Great for placing torches quickly while exploring without worrying about aiming the mouse to find a suitable wall or tile to attach to.

Auto Recall: Defaults to the Home key.
Automatically uses a Magic Mirror, Cellphone, or Recall Potion from your inventory. No longer does your magic mirror need to occupy precious space on your hotbar.

Quick Stack to Chests: Defaults to - (Minus, like, get rid of this junk.)
If using a chest, Quick Stacks to that chest, otherwise, Quick Stacks to nearby chests. Simply a keyboard shortcut to the buttons. Just hold down the hotkey and run through your treasure room!

Smart Quick Stack to Chests: Defaults to \ (the \ and | key near backspace)
Like normal quickstack, except it is super smart. If you have a Wooden Axe in a chest, it'll place your Iron Axe in as well. Keep what you want to keep favorited. Solves Chest organization intuitively.

Quick Buff Favorited Only: Defaults to B (You'll want to remap the original Quick Buff)
Just like Quick Buff, but only attempts to use the potions that have been favorited (Alt-click). No longer need you fight bosses with Sonar, Fishing, Crate, Spelunker, etc potions.

Query Mod Origin: Defaults to the /? button
Hover over an item, NPC, buff, tile, or wall and a message will tell you which mod the thing came from.

Toggle Autopause: Defaults to P
Toggles the autopause setting.

Quick Use Item #20: Defaults to L
Use the item in slot 20. (2nd row, far right. Most useful for Rod of Discord and Money Trough)

Quick Use Config Item: No Default
Use the item specified in the config, regardless of slot, if found in inventory. Similar to Quick Use Item #20 but allows the item to be moved.

Swap Armor and Vanity: No Default
This will swap all armor in vanity with equipped armor, but only if the vanity slot is actual armor and not vanity. Hold for half a second to additionally swap accessories.

Swap Hotbar: No Default
This will swap the hotbar and the 1st row of inventory. Useful for swapping weapon and tool loadouts.

Cycling Quick Mount: No Default
A special Quick Mount hotkey that will cycle through all available mounts rather than just one. If used, simply replace the vanilla Quick Mount with this more versatile alternative.

Switch Frame Skip Mode: No Default
Cycles between frame skip off, on, and subtle.

Dash: No Default
Use this if you prefer to dash via a hotkey rather than the double tap method. There is a config option to disable double tap dashing if you want to avoid accidentally dashing the normal way.

Localizer Package
2 months ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Various Weathers
Download v1.1 (10.9 MB)


Various Weathers is a small mod that adds multiple minor weather effects to spice up Day/Night cycles. All weather has a chance of occuring at dawn/dusk, or when the world is opened. Weather effects tend to last for a whole day/night. Here are some of the weather effects you will see:

- Thunderstorms
- Meteor Showers
- Acid Rain
- Heat Waves
- ...and 16 more!

Localizer Package
11 months ago tModLoader v0.11.4 Edit | Delete
Apacchii's Classes Mod
Download v1.36.1 (1.3 MB)


Features 20+ classes to choose from, each with their own twist.
Each class has: 2 paths that players can choose one of when they reach level 5, 2 abilities (some have more than 2) and a passive.
A Town NPC
A Mastery Tree
A Damage Milestone progression system
And some other random items, mostly references.

Dont forget to bind your mod keybinds!

Discord invite with help for new players, class info, bug reporting, suggestions, updates/teasers, and more in the mod's homepage!

The Class Master can spawn after King Slime has been defeated
You can level up your class after defeating certain bosses by buying the Class Tokens from the Class Master.

**Visit the discord server for full detailed patch notes and other information**
Special thanks to:
-Yan Dami
-And everyone that actually cares about/enjoys this mod

Localizer Package
11 days ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Dark-Assassin's Mod Library (DALib)
Download v1.2.3.3 (54.3 KB)


Dark-Assassin's Mod Library (DALib) by Dark-Assassin

Visit homepage for description and changelog

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Large World Enabler
Download v0.2 (22.2 KB)


Enables worlds up to 16800 tiles wide and 4800 tiles tall to be loaded. (Double the width and height of a Large world)

Note that with mods loaded, it may not be possible to load a world that large due to memory limits. I recommend a 16800x1200 or 16800x2400 world as worlds that are taller than Large worlds tend to be boring.

Generate a world to use with this mod using TerraCustom. TerraCustom will load tmodloader mods, so you don't have to worry about missing out on mod biomes. (

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.2.2 Edit | Delete
Item Customizer
Download v2.2.2 (129.8 KB)


This mod allows you to rename and dye items.
To begin, craft the Item Customizer at an anvil
with 5 iron/lead and one Strange Plant.

Use the "Item Customizer" to access the UI.
Put an item in the right slot, and
a dye in the left if you want to dye the item.
Type in the text box if you want to change the item's name.

When you're done, click the "Apply" button, and remove the item(s).
Or leave them in there, I don't care.


Additional features:
- Dye ammo for it to be dyed separately from your bow/gun/rocket launcher!
- Dye equipment to save dyes directly onto your favorite vanities!
- Dye anything for it to look cool in your inventory!

Latest Update (2.2.0):
- The Anti-Netcode Update
- Refactors netcode to be less stupid by removing netcode, not even kidding
- Even more wrong projectile shading fixes
- Finally fixes the infinite knockback bug

Latest Patch (2.2.2):
- Fixed edge case relating to multiplayer and ammo consumption
- Fixed a silly multiplayer issue that was embarrassingly trivial in the end
- Extra failsafe checks for things

Full Changelog at Mod Homepage

Localizer Package
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