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Extra Gunslinger Gear
Download v1.3.2.1 (1.7 MB)


Extra Gunslinger Gear adds new tiers of burst fire rifles, shotguns, SMGs, revolvers, snipers, armor, accessories, and endless bullet pouches/crates.
More content is being created all the time.

A more in-depth description is available on the mod's homepage linked below.

Please inform me of any bugs.

Localizer Package
11 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.1 Edit | Delete
Fernium Remastered
Download v1.1.2.1 (5 MB)

Mr Fern

Welcome to Fernium Remastered. its goal is to make new content to terraria so the user can have a new experience playing it. updates will be released regularily if possible.
Thanks for taking the time for reading the description.
The discord page: Click the homepage button
The forum: Search on google, or via the discord

Works in multiplayer.
Works in singeplayer.
Supports English.
Supports Russian.

What the mod has to offer:
200 new items.
9 new Tiles.
8 new NPCs.
2 new Bosses.
1 new Town npc.

Special thanks to

Kregjoke (Past Spriter)
Mr Fern (Me)
Zane poise (Youtuber)
Buccit (Spriter)
SlinkyCoil (Spriter)
Turquoise (Musician) (Spriter) (Coder)
KiwiKachy (Twitch Streamer)
Shiney (Russian Translator)

-Changed Fortune's sprite
-Changed Fernite's sprite
-Changed Fernite's map icon
-Changed Fortune's map icon
-Changed MoonBlaster Sprite
-Changed Aluminium Gun Sprite
-Changed Aluminium Pickaxe Sprite
-Changed Aluminium Knife Sprite
-Changed Aluminium Broadsword Sprite
-Changed Aluminium Shortsword Sprite
-Changed Aluminium Bow Sprite
-Changed Aluminium Hamaxe Sprite
-Fixed Stone Bow translation
-Changed Petal Throw projectile sprite
-Changed Petal Throw Sprite
-Changed Pyrite bar Sprite


-Added Fernium Knife
-Added Sunplate
-Added Sunplate Broadsword
-Added Sunplate Shortsword
-Added Sunplate Knife
-Added Sunplate Pickaxe
-Added Sunplate Hamaxe
-Added Sunplate Helmet
-Added Sunplate Breastplate
-Added Sunplate Leggings
-Added Fortune's Mask
-Added Enchanted Fernium Shortsword
-Added Enchanted Fernium Knife
-Added Moonplate Helmet
-Added Moonplate Breastplate
-Added Moonplate Leggings
-Added Slinky's Hat (Dev set)
-Added Slinky's Top (Dev set)
-Added Slinky's Leggings (Dev set)

Small Other Changes

-Resprited Stone Knife(By Slinkycoil)
-Resprited Stone Shortsword(By Slinkycoil)
-Resprited Stone Broadsword(By Slinkycoil)
-Resprited Stone Axe(By Slinkycoil)
-Resprited Stone Pickaxe(By Slinkycoil)
-Resprited Stone Hammer(By Slinkycoil)
-Resprited Stone Bow (By Slinkycoil)
-Resprited Soul of Blight (By Slinkycoil)
-Resprited Soul of Knight (By Slinkycoil)
-Resprited Coral Projectile (By Slinkycoil)
-Resprited Aqua Tome (By Slinkycoil)
-Fixed all knife descriptions.
-Translated all Stone Items to russian
-Buffed Enchanted Fernium Sword
-Fixed Spacemans walking animation
-Buffed Enchanted Fernium Pickaxe
-Severely Nerfed Gladiator zombie spawn rate
-Severely Nerfed Gladiator slime spawn rate
-Severely Nerfed Flower slime Spawn rate
-Severely Nerfed Flower Zombie spawn rate


-Fixed all the knives tooltip spelling mistakes.
-Fixed Fake Gold not appearing in boss checklist as summon item for Fortune.
-Debuffed Fernium Pickaxe by 15% pickaxe power. (Now on 75 instead of 90)
-Resprited Moonplate (By Slinkycoil)
-Resprited MoonBullet (By Slinkycoil)
-Resprited MoonBow (By Slinkycoil)
-Resprited MoonArrow (By Slinkycoil)
-Resprited Spinner (By Slinkycoil)
-Resprited Spinner Projectile (By Slinkycoil)
-Translated all Ore Knives to russian.
-Translated all Wood Knives to russian.

Localizer Package
3 months ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Plentiful Ores
Download v2.0.1 (37.8 KB)



Never miss that particular ore you're searching for ever again. Ore spawns are roughly 2.5x more frequent. Ores that are effected are listed below. The mod is only triggered on world creation.

Iron / Lead
Gold / Platinum
Diamond / Ruby / Sapphire / Topaz / Emerald

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.11.4 Edit | Delete
Starter Classes (Mod Support)
Download v1.3.0.2 (21.8 KB)


Starter Classes allows the player to begin their journey as which ever class they choose without the hassel of trying to get class related items, ammo, accessories, etc. along with giving the player iron tools to start with, along with a hammer. Use the Mod Config Menu to toggle certain aspects of the mod.
See the forum post for info on what each bag drops, or if you have any suggestions.

Currently this mod adds in 23 different starting class choices, including:
- Melee
- Ranged
- Summoner
- Mage
- Throwing

- Calamity Mod : Rogue
- Thorium Mod : Bard
- Thorium Mod : Radiant
- Mod of Redemption : Druid
- Orchid Mod : Shaman
- The Enigma Mod : Mystic
- Guardians Mod : Reaper
- Esper Class : Esper
- Expanded Sentries : Sentry

- Melee (Thorium Variant)
- Ranged (Thorium Variant)
- Summoner (Thorium Variant)
- Mage (Thorium Variant)
- Throwing (Thorium Variant)
- Melee (Calamity Variant)
- Ranged (Calamity Variant)
- Summoner (Calamity Variant)
- Mage (Calamity Variant)

Thank you for 161000+ downloads!

Thank you so much to Verveine (owner of the Orchid Mod) for the updated bag sprites, please check out their mod!

Localizer Package
one month ago tModLoader v0.11.7.7 Edit | Delete
Smart Doors (from 1.4)
Download v1.3.3 (27.6 KB)


Smart Doors is a feature from 1.4 where doors automatically open. A lot of people playing 1.4 that come back to tModLoader will have to get used to no smart doors however this changes that and adds the feature in a mod.

~ This mod is not open source as it uses code directly from Terraria's code.

Version History:

- Added safety to adding values to dictionaries and lists

- General code cleaning

- General code cleaning and organizing
- Removed tall gate modded support coming soon from description as tModLoader doesn't support that

- Fixed a bug with reloading.. again
- Cleaned more code + small optimizations

- Cleaner code and better description

- Fixed a bug with reloading causing an error

- Fixed modded doors not working

- Initial release

Localizer Package
5 months ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Archery Overhaul
Download v0.37.34 (5.5 MB)


This mod is 150 days into development, and focuses on improving the bows in Terraria, which lack as of now. This mod will constantly be getting updated.

Thanks to the Sprote-making catto & Kaitlin for their contributions to the mod!

This mod currently adds in the following 100+ items:

. 70 New bows
. 20 New accessories
. 14 New materials
. 21 New arrows
. 5 New arrow grenades
. 4 New armor sets
. 1 New NPC
. 1 New Enemy
. 8 New loot bags
. 1 New potion
. 4 New Staffs

Unique Features:

. Quivers visually equip on player
. Particle effects and sounds on arrow hit
. Critical hits on arrows release a splash-damaging shockwave
. Arrow Loot Bags that drop from enemies based on game progression
. The infamous Arrow Grenades

If you didn't know, I'm actually a game developer, and I make tons of art, music and more! (This is my first terraria mod, criticism is welcome!) If you want to share your work and have fun, or want a list of the items in this mod, join my discord below!


If you want to support both my terraria mods and my games, become a patron for a custom donor item and other special rewards!


Updates to the Archery Mod will be whenever I feel like it. Enjoy!


Due to the growing popularity of Archery Mod, I have created a wiki page for those who want to find the recipes. It is brand new and doesn't contain very many items, but It keeps growing every day. You can find it here:

== v1.3.2 - The Ancient Archers - Changelog ==

* Steel Ore Generation Fixed *
** Fixed Hunter Armor Visual bugs **

- 3 New Shields - Basic War Shield, Reinforced War Shield, Hunter's Shield
- 4 New Accessories - Dripping Arrow Stone, Aerial Arrow Stone, Flaming Arrow Stone, Elemental Arrow Stone
- Particle effect when enemies hit by arrows
- Quivers now VISUALLY equip on the player
- Modded arrows now have better physics
- Modded arrow sound effects fixed
- Critical hits on arrows now create a Shockwave
- 1 New Armor Set: Hunter Armor
- 20+ Accessories resprited in HIGH quality
- 10+ Bows Resprited in high quality
- 2 New accessories - Strange Quiver & Arrow Stone
- 1 New Potion - Lesser Archery Potion
- Target & Reinforced target now increase arrow penetration
- 3 New Arrows - Snowball Arrow, Blizzard Arrow, Sandstorm Arrow
- Arrow loot bages have a chance to drop the Strange Quiver
- Arrow loot bags are now more slightly common
- Arrow loot bags now drop lesser archery potion
- Archery Mod changed to Archery Overhaul
- Archery Overhaul icon updated

Localizer Package
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Ore Seeds
Download v1.1.0 (50 KB)


SuperAndyHero#1185 either directly, on the official Terraria Server, or on the TML Server.

Tell me if ive missed any ores from a supported mod, or what other things I should add a plant for!


Developer: SuperAndyHero#1185

Any sprites not listed below: SuperAndyHero#1185

Chaotic Sprite: Stuckinahol3#9719

Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead, Silver, Tungsten, & Souls of Night/Light Sprites: beberhard22#8066

Demonite, Crimtane, Enchanted Granite,
Enchanted Marble, Cryolite, Thermite, Star Piece,
Spirit Ore, & Floran Ore Sprites: Darkpuppey#9233"> The Ore Seeds mod adds new plants and seeds that allow you to grow ores once you have collected enough of said ore.
This mod contains Plants for every vanilla ore.
Plus support for:
+Sacred Tools
+Beyond The Forgotten Ages

Most ore seeds recipes require 20 ore and mushroom seeds at a demon altar, but recipes may vary based on the rarity of said ore.
I suggest you take some mushroom seeds to the guide or use recipe browser for a list of the seeds.

Every plant will always give one seed

Now works in multiplayer!

If you find any bugs, have have some feedback, or want to help with sprites, contact me on discord: SuperAndyHero#1185 either directly, on the official Terraria Server, or on the TML Server.

Tell me if ive missed any ores from a supported mod, or what other things I should add a plant for!


Developer: SuperAndyHero#1185

Any sprites not listed below: SuperAndyHero#1185

Chaotic Sprite: Stuckinahol3#9719

Copper, Tin, Iron, Lead, Silver, Tungsten, & Souls of Night/Light Sprites: beberhard22#8066

Demonite, Crimtane, Enchanted Granite,
Enchanted Marble, Cryolite, Thermite, Star Piece,
Spirit Ore, & Floran Ore Sprites: Darkpuppey#9233

Localizer Package
one year ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Better Night Sky
Download v1.5.0.1 (1 MB)


This little mod simply makes your nighttime skies look nicer.
The moon texture is replaced, celestial objects are added to your skies, and new sky movement is added for realism.

Report any bugs you find in the homepage or on the discord!

Localizer Package
5 months ago tModLoader v0.11.7.5 Edit | Delete
Nightmares Unleashed
Download v1.6.7 (4 MB)


Fight some of the baddest bosses around! Or, fight some of the lesser bosses added for pre-hardmode!

This mod currently has;
- 10 unique bosses, 5 pre-hardmode, 4 hardmode, 1 true final boss (Tested with all endgame classes so it's very fair, just very difficult!)
- 7 minibosses, 3 pre-hardmode, 4 hardmode
- 135 items
- 12 enemies
- Extended throwing class
- The new final boss is spawned with materials obtained through Solar Eclipses, Alien Invasions and Pirate Invasions.
- Boss Checklist support!

Planned content;
- 16 bosses in total
- Lots more minibosses (Minimum 10)
- Tons more items (Hopefully a few hundred)
- Another tier to the endgame
- More regular npc's to flush out the game a bit (Hopefully at least 50)
- Extend the throwing class to hardmode (About 90% done)

1.6.7 adds:
- Added Worm Eye! Drops from Devourers. You use this to spawn the Grasper!
- Gave the Grasper a harder 2nd phase and expert mode AI! Also added an expert mode item and (so far) a new melee weapon drop!
- Gave the final boss his own theme! Also completely changed the sky modifier for him, he looks much more badass now! Basically, everything about him is improved. (He's much harder now)
- Nerfed the Full Restore a bit (Max stack size is only 1 now)
- Made all the bosses show up on the map again!
- Added the Dirt Yoyo! Toggles the class of damage (VANILLA) yoyos do upon use (Melee or thrown!), saved per-character!
- Did lots of balancing tweaks to the weapons post-moonlord! (The melee don't suck anymore!)
- Summoning item for the final boss requires more materials and is infinite now! Don't worry, if you had the old one you only need the new materials.
- Added the Imp lord! A pre-hardmode underworld boss for if you want one more step of gear before fighting the WOF.

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Item Stats+
Download v1.3.2 (37.5 KB)


### Item Stats+
Item Stats+ will display more in-depth stats for all weapons.
Three diferent stlyes can be used

### Changelog

- Weapons that change default tooltip layout will not be affected due to compatibility issues.
- Thanks to Nextshot for pointing this out!

- Color no longer effects accessories or armor.
- Thanks to Nordblum for pointing this out!
- Color will still show velocity.

- Color option added.
- Removes prefix text and changes color of stats.
- Icon updated.

- Rebuilt for tModLoader v0.10.1.
- Knockback rounded.

#### e.g.

Mythical Demon Scythe
40 magic damage
9% critical strike chance
Very fast speed
Average knockback
Uses 13 mana
Casts demon scythe
+14% damage
+10% speed
+5% critical strike chance
-7% mana cost
+15% knockback

Mythical Demon Scythe
40(+5) magic damage
9%(+5) critical strike chance
18(-2) (Very fast) speed
5.75(+0.75) (Average) knockback
Uses 13(-1)
Casts demon scythe
+14% damage
+10% speed
+5% critical strike chance
-7% mana cost
+15% knockback

Mythical Demon Scythe
35(+5) magic damage
4%(+5) critical strike chance
20(-2) (Very fast) speed
5(+0.75) (Average) knockback
Uses 14(-1) mana
Casts demon scythe
+14% damage
+10% speed
+5% critical strike chance
-7% mana cost
+15% knockback

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.1 Edit | Delete
Download v0.5.2 (1.3 MB)


Legendaries+ is an addon mod for the Calamity Mod, adding in some cool stuff, including more legendary items, even legendary ammo!


Knowledge - Original Hypernova Disk, Starpillar and Truefire Slicers.
Providab, the Yoten God - Hypernova Disk, Starpillar, Celsius Zero, Truefire Slicers.

Localizer Package
7 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Boss Expertise
Download v3.0.2 (43 KB)


Do you think that Expert Mode is too hard but still want a challenge? Are Normal Mode bosses too boring?
Then this mod is probably for you! Boss Expertise makes bosses behave like they're in Expert Mode, even though their stats don't change.
BossExpertise also adds some optional features (like bosses dropping Treasure Bags in Normal Mode), which are disabled by default.
Also allows you to toggle Expert Mode via chat command (/expert), Cheat Sheet or HERO's Mod.

Big thanks to Pop000100 for maintaining the mod.

Localizer Package
8 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Apacchii's Classes Mod
Download v1.37.11 (7.5 MB)


Features 20+ classes to choose from, each with their own twist.
Each class has: 2 paths that players can choose one of when they reach level 5, 2 abilities (some have more than 2) and a passive.
A Town NPC with a quest system
A Mastery Tree
A Damage Milestone progression system
And some other random items, mostly references.
Now compatible with Thorium!

Dont forget to bind your mod keybinds!

Discord invite with help for new players, class info, bug reporting, suggestions, updates/teasers, and more in the mod's homepage!

Patch Overview:
-/ Added 'Census - Town NPC Checklist' support.
-/ Added 'Thorium' support.
-/ New Class: Hunter (Ranged/Summoner).
-/ New Class Master Quest system. [More quests will be added later and rewards might change]
-/ Resprited Class Master.
-/ New way of spawning the Class Master.
-/ Granite Biome stuff.
-/ Mastery Tree skill point dumps.
-/ Some abilities/items have slightly better visuals.
-/ Fighter Ability 2 rework.
-/ Bonfire changes.
-/ A lot of minor things such as bug/typos fixes and very slight balance changes too, but i forgot to write down everything i did, sry.

The Class Master can spawn after King Slime has been defeated.
You can level up your class after defeating certain bosses by buying the Class Tokens from the Class Master.

**Visit the discord server for full detailed patch notes and other information**
Special thanks to:
-Yan Dami
-And everyone that actually cares about/enjoys this mod

Localizer Package
6 days ago tModLoader v0.11.7.8 Edit | Delete
Solutions Mod
Download v1.4.2 (391.4 KB)


Solutions mod adds several new Clentaminator solutions by way of a new town NPC, the Terraformer.
This solutions range from Filling solutions, which fill empty space with a block (or liquid), Removal solutions that remove any block (or liquid), biome spreading solutions, such as one for the Ice biome, to Ore spreading solutions that replace stone with a variety of ores and gems.
This mod also add two new Clentaminator types, also sold by the Terraformer: the "One Shot Clentaminator" that allows you to fire one solution vial at a time (no more consuming 5 vials to convert one block) and the "Boomstick Clentaminator" that fires three bursts of spray (shotgun spread) per single vial shot (also with no auto reuse).

To unlock the Terraformer, you need to have any Clentaminator in your inventory and an empty house. If she dies, she will only respawn if you have a clentaminator with you.

Changelog v 1.4.2
- Updated to Tmodloader

Changelog v 1.4.1
- Jungle solution now also converts dirt into mud and any corrupt stone/sand back to normal.
- Added icon

Changelog v 1.4
- Version for tmod 0.10
- Added Actuating/De-Actuating Solutions:
- They make appropriate solid blocks become passable/solid again. Actuating version sold by the Terraformer for 10 silver, post Golem, De-Actuating version crafted from 1 Actuating one.
- Added Actuator Placing Solution:
- Places actuators on wired, solid tiles that can be actuated eventually (ignores restrictions such as trees or chests on top). Made from 10 actuators and one Mineral Solution.
- Added Wire Removing Solution:
- Removes all wires, actuators and junction boxes placed on tiles. Sold by the Terraformer after defeating the Golem for 50 Silver.
- Added Lihzarhd Brick Solution (an ore spreading solution)
- Added Pickaxe Power Solution:
- This special solution can remove any block your strongest pickaxe/drill/claw can mine. Example: If you only have a Copper pickaxe with you, dungeon bricks cannot be removed. However, if you have a Cobalt Pickaxe and a Copper Pickaxe in your inventory, dungeon bricks will be destroyed. For Lihzarhd Bricks, a Picksaw in your inventory is required, regardless of where it lies. It is sold by the Terraformer after you defeat all 3 mechanical bosses.

Changelog v
- Corrected Dark Blue Solution spreading Crimson.

Changelog v 1.3.1
- Corrected Chlorophyte solution spreading Adamantite.

Changelog V1.3
- Major code refactor to allow for customizing sprays.
- Added Grass Spreading Solutions:
- Spread their respective kind of grass to any dirt/mud block that is in contact with air or platforms.
- "Grass Spreading Solution" bought at the Terraformer for 25 silver.
- Hallowed, Corrupt, Crimson, Mushroom and Jungle versions crafted with one "Grass Spreading Solution" and one biome converting solution (crafts 2).
- "Anti-Grass Solution" now crafted with a "Grass Spreading Solution" instead of bought.
- Added "Glass Filling Solution" and "Glass Removal Solution", crafted with 2 "Sand filling Solution" and one "Lava Filling Solution".
- Added a "Luminite Solution" that drops from the Moon Lord with 1/5 chance (cannot be crafted like other ore/gem solutions).
- Added Infinite versions to all solutions, crafted with 999*4 for most solutions and for ores/gem solutions with either 999*10 ore/gem + 999 Mineral Solution or 999 of the ore spread solution.
- Added Nozzle and Barrel accessories, sold by the Terraformer:
- Light Suppressor is available from the start, costs 50 gold, and makes all sprays emit no light.
- Concentrator Nozzle is available post three mechanical bosses for 2.5 platinum and reduces the radius of conversion by half.
- Spread Nozzle is available post Moon Lord for 10 platinum and doubles conversion radius.
- Tri Reductor Barrel is available post three mechanical bosses for 5 platinum, and reduces spray distance by 1/3 and chance to consume ammo to 1/3.
- Penta Reductor Barrel is available post Plantera for 7.5 platinum, and reduces spray distance by 1/5 and chance to consume ammo to 1/5.
- Long Range Barrel is available post Plantera for 10 platinum and doubles spray distance at the cost of double ammo consumption.
- Vast Range Barrel is available post Moon lord for 20 platinum and quadrples spray distance at the cost of 4 times the ammo consumption.
- All accessories stack and work regardless of ammo available, so shooting Clentaminator with a Long + Vast Range Barrel will consume 8 ammo if available, but still work and shoot 8 times further even if you only have one solution.
- Terraformer now only spawns in hardmode,

Localizer Package
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No Angler Timer
Download v1.1.2 (17.5 KB)


A simple mod that disables the timer for the Angler's quest and adds a "reroll" button to switch the fish that the Angler has for 5 gold. Everything is configurable.

Localizer Package
5 months ago tModLoader v0.11.7.4 Edit | Delete
Yet Another Boss Summon Shop
Download v1.0.0.6 (27.2 KB)


YABSS is a simple mod that makes a town NPC sell boss summoning items when you defeat the respective vanilla boss. The price for these items depends on the difficulty of the boss and placement for progression.

For the best cross-mod compatability, the NPC that sells summoning items is configurable to your preference. In the mod config, you can choose any of the pre-Hardmode town NPCs with a shop. It defaults to the Clothier.

After defeating the Wall of Flesh, he will sell Innocent, Helpless Bunnies that can summon the Wall of Flesh without murdering the Guide. After defeating Plantera, he will sell a Peppery Fruit that summons her without need of a bulb. Finally, downing the Moon Lord will cause him to sell Cracked Relics that summon him instantly instead of after a delay.

If you have a mod like Calamity that already has this function built in, you won't need this mod.

Localizer Package
10 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Mod of Redemption: Music Pack
Download v0.7.9.62 (45.3 MB)


A separate mod for Mod of Redemption, adds the mod's custom music.

There are config options to disable the claimable music, or replace them with royalty-free alternatives, so fights can still feel impactful without hearing vanilla music play.

Localizer Package
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Download v1.10.2 (132.8 KB)


Adds wormholes for two-way fast travel between remote locations. Be warned: It's a bumpy ride, and there's no telling where you might end up!

Also, Town Portal Scrolls let you create your own personal wormhole (Wormhole Potion + Book + Mana Crystal).
- Config file: Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Mod Configs/Wormholes.json

Localizer Package
6 months ago tModLoader v0.11.6.2 Edit | Delete
Danew's Mini-Boss NPC
Download v0.2.2.1 (205.1 KB)

Danew Dr

Danew's Mini Boss NPC Adds A Brand New NPC To The Game: The Arch Wizard!
He Sells Summoning Items for various Mini-Bosses And Event Bosses (So, kinda like Fargo's Mutant)

Currently Supported mods: Calamity, Thorium, Spirit, Tremor, GRealm and Nightmares Unleashed

Since there isn't an official definition for a 'Mini Boss' most of the summon items are for enemies that can prove to be quite the challenge at the point they are fought.
If there are any other enemies/bosses you feel need to be added be sure to let me know on the forum thread.
Also let me know what other mods to support.
Hope you enjoy the mod!

v0.2.2.1: Fixed Old One's army summons being sold incorrectly
v0.2.2: Updated Calamity support (Abyss mini-bosses, "new" Earth Elemental, new Cnidrion, Great Sand Shark)
Added new DD2 mini-boss summons (Betsy, tier 3 Dark Mage and tier 3 Ogre)
Added new rare creatures (Digger and Giant Worm)
Added pillar summons
Arch Wizard now sells the Tiara if tier 2 Old One's army is defeated but not tier 1
New Arch Wizard sprite
Updated icon to have new Arch Wizard sprite
Adjusted shops slightly
Enemies no longer spawn directly on top of you
Adjusted most prices to be more balanced
Boss Items are no longer craftable
Removed Jabberwocky, Corrgoth, Crimgoth and Slimegoth from shops (not/no longer mini-bosses)

v0.2.1: Added some useless items crafted from the all the drops of each boss (one item per boss, these will be given unique effects in a future update)
GRealm Support (Barbarian, Undeadipede, Bumblebirb Rider)
Calamity Mod Support (Cnidrion, Earth Elemental, Cloud Elemental, Plagurbringer)
Seperated the Arch Wizard's shop into two different shops (Mini-Bosses and Event Bosses)
Added more summons to the RCC's shop (Anomura Fungus, Cochineal Beetle, Cyan Beetle, Devourer, Dune Splicer, Lac Beetle, Martian Probe, Undead Miner, Sea Snail, Squid, Tomb Crawler, World Feeder)
Removed Lost Head from RCC's shop (Instantly t

Localizer Package
2 years ago tModLoader v0.10.1.5 Edit | Delete
Item Customizer
Download v2.2.2 (129.8 KB)


This mod allows you to rename and dye items.
To begin, craft the Item Customizer at an anvil
with 5 iron/lead and one Strange Plant.

Use the "Item Customizer" to access the UI.
Put an item in the right slot, and
a dye in the left if you want to dye the item.
Type in the text box if you want to change the item's name.

When you're done, click the "Apply" button, and remove the item(s).
Or leave them in there, I don't care.


Additional features:
- Dye ammo for it to be dyed separately from your bow/gun/rocket launcher!
- Dye equipment to save dyes directly onto your favorite vanities!
- Dye anything for it to look cool in your inventory!

Latest Update (2.2.0):
- The Anti-Netcode Update
- Refactors netcode to be less stupid by removing netcode, not even kidding
- Even more wrong projectile shading fixes
- Finally fixes the infinite knockback bug

Latest Patch (2.2.2):
- Fixed edge case relating to multiplayer and ammo consumption
- Fixed a silly multiplayer issue that was embarrassingly trivial in the end
- Extra failsafe checks for things

Full Changelog at Mod Homepage

Localizer Package
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