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Crimsanity Weaponry
Download v1.6.5 (288.1 KB)

Chem & Crim

Previously known as Yeethaw Arsenal, we now have a team name: Crimsanity!

You want more weapons?
We've got more weapons!

...Sorry I don't feel like making a better description right now but here's what the mod adds so far:

Slime Bow, coats arrows (including a couple flaming arrow types) in bouncy gel that even bounces off of enemies!
Hyper Scope, a magic weapon that can be charged to fire more powerful shots at the cost of additional mana
Stone Pellets, rebounding heavy bullets that inflict damage and knockback based on velocity, especially powerful at very close range, has an endless pouch variant
Grapeshot, essentially a shotgun blast of stone pellets with 66% reduced damage and does not inflict extra damage at close range, lacks an infinite variant
Valmanway, a melee weapon that slashes at the cursor and ignores half of enemy defense, the range is limited however and the base damage is low, upgradeable
Flare Boomstick, a better Flare Gun with actual damage, although the flares won't last very long
Pulse Reflector, a device that can reflect projectiles on demand, it looks oddly familiar...
Sidewinder, a strange sniper rifle that hits its target dead on with no regard as to what's between it and its victim. It's quite slow, but if you have a good aim you will be able to swiftly pick targets left and right!

More to come soon!

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Make More Evil
Download v0.1.1 (48.2 KB)


Make more Evil is a content mod that adds stuff around the Evil biomes. (Including hallow)


What it currently adds:

- 2 Enemies
- 2 Items
- 6 Weapons


Latest Update:

Update 0.1

- Added Blood slime and Shade slime
- Added Crimson gel and Corrupt gel
- Added Blood blade
- Added Umbral blade
- Added Bloodbath
- Added Ostrum bow
- Added Crimson staff
- Added Shadowflame staff


If you spot any bugs, Please report it at my homepage!

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Download v1.2.1 (77 KB)


极光武器 在过渡期添加了10武器,强度高于同一时期原版武器,帮助快速开荒。

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Download v1.4.1.0 (4.6 MB)


Current features:
A new Items
2 Bosses
And more!

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Abnormal Armory
Download v0.1.6 (2.1 MB)


If you're a ranged or magic player, ranged especially you want this mod

Adds a wide variety of awesome weapons, from simple laser-guns to nuclear warhead launchers.

Reccomend to use a recipie browser, I tried my best to make most of the recipies simple,

Most stuff are made of 'alloys' that vary depending on how far you are in the game

Almost every weapon is crafted, so don't bother grinding NPCs

Questions, comments, concerns or cool suggestions? Please email me
If you send a suggestion/idea, nothing boring please. I don't want to get an email about making a gun that shoots bullets.

v1.5:Added Eye of Eventide boss
Added Essense of Eventide material
Added Refractor weapon
Added Subspace Tripmine weapon

v1.4: Added Starcanium Alloy
First melee-based items
Made from stars,and Demonite at an anvil
First armor set of the game
Wearing starcanium gives permanent Shine effect, set bonus gives Obsidian Skin effect
Added Starcanium Soul
Added Starcanium Tracers (normal Bullet ammo type)

Lots of various balances, added Gem weapons created in early Hardmode.
Added Rainlaser Cannon crafted from all 7 Gem weapons. Shoots a random projectile from the mod
Added various magic weapons
Added several alloys used to craft special weapons
Added Eye of Eternity boss and Essense of Eternity
Essense of Eternity is able to craft rare weapons
Essense of Eternity gathered from Eye of Eternity's death
Eye of Eternity spawner made with Suspicious eye and 3 Aridian Tech
Added Aridian Tech, made from Titanium Bar and Illegal Gun Parts
Aridian Tech used for early-hardmode special weapons
Added Cracked Obsidian (Can be transmuted from normal Obsidian as well)
Added Cracked Obsidian Biome
Added Nail Guns
Added Pandora's Box, made from 25 Cracked Obsidian, 15 Demonite Bar, 15 Gold Coin
Pandora's Box gives Random Weapon
v1.0: Released

I'm bluepickle, just a guy on the internet that makes terraria stuff as a hobby.
I've made several different mods, many that aren't published.
A while ago, i published a few mods. (Sorcerer's eceret,Picklemania); and they got more attention than expected.
These were not well-crafted, and i wasn't very proud of them.
However, after a long hiatus of not publishing anything, I decided to make a come back and create this.

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Download v0.5 (1.9 MB)


- Welcome to Ashmod! -

2 bosses
Alot of music
1 biome(WIP)
Alot of items

This mod is no where near finished, expect more soon! and soe bugs.
Thank you for playing!

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Autoplacing Torches
Download v1.0 (10.4 KB)


Allows you to automatically place a horizontal strip of torches every N blocks with a hotkey while holding a torch.
Only works with vanilla torches for now.

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Download v0.8.1 (172.3 KB)


Welcome to the Valhalla mod, a mod that adds numerous items into the game to enhance the Terraria experience! I'm still experimenting with coding a bit, so bear with me. I will be adding Armors, Accessories, and even bosses later down the line! W.I.P

Version 0.1: Added Fishy Kunai, Sunforged Kunai, and Bone Kunai.

Version 0.2: Adds more Kunai, building up to progression.

Version 0.3: Adds Lunar Kunais into the game. Fixed a MAJOR bug that rendered the mod useless.

Version 0.4: Doubles Kunai Amount, Changes Wall Kunai AI.

Version 0.4.1: ACTUALLY Changes Wall Kunai AI.

Version 0.5: Finalizes Wall Kunai AI. Adds more prehardmode and endgame content. Adds non-kunai weapons.

Version 0.6: Rounds off Pre-Hardmode! Starts the 'Immortal' line of weapons.

Version 0.6.1: Balance Adjustments.

Version 0.7: Adds a new weapon Subclass, Gauntlets! Gauntlets are low-damage melee weapons that give the Melee class a chance to use projectiles not normally used by Melee players.

Version 0.8: Adds Gauntlets up to post-plantera.

Version 0.8.1: Adds Sunset Bars (Post Moon Lord Material). Changed Mod Name.

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Starter Classes (Mod Support)
Download v0.9.0.1 (14.9 KB)


Starter Classes allows the player to begin their journey as which ever class they choose without the hassel of trying to get class related items, ammo, accessories, etc. along with giving the player iron tools to start with, along with a hammer.
See the forum post for info on what each bag drops, or if you have any suggestions. Have a great day!
Currently this mod adds in starting equipment for:
- Melee
- Ranged
- Summoner
- Mage
- Throwing

- Calamity Mod : Rogue
- Thorium Mod : Bard
- Thorium Mod : Radiant
- Mod of Redemption : Druid
- Orchid Mod : Shaman
- The Enigma Mod : Mystic

Thank you for 67000+ downloads!

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Sky Lord's Random Mod
Download v1.5 (31.4 KB)

Sky Lord

Sky Lord's Random Items is a mod with stuff that I put in as soon as I think of it.

It includes:
Op Sword
Luminite Blaster
Luminite Bow
Treasure Chest
Hamburger Of Doom
Chi Bullet
Superman Potion
Literal Gun
Candy Cane Stake Launcher
Candy Cane Stake

The Treasure Chest is a pet summon item but I don't know how to make it equipable, or make it have a buff.

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The Chemistry Mod (Github hotfix sry)
Download v0.3.6.1 (245.2 KB)


Meele, Ranged, Magic, Summon, and Chemical?!

This mod adds a new type of class to the Terraria world, the Chemistry class!
Using nothing chemicals, reactions, and natural resources to aid them in their journey, a chemist must gather many new materials in order to keep their weapons in tip-top shape.

- Chemistry class of weaponry
- "Decay" system
- "Refinement" system
- Custom prefixes
- New resources (TBA)
- New challenging enemies (TBA)

As you use a chemistry-classed weapon, its materials will slowly start to degrade.
As the weapon decays, it becomes weaker and weaker until it is simply too hard to use.
To counteract this decay, you can refine the weapons using certain materials, and as you find more chemicals to use in your travels, you can even unlock the ability to have weaponry refine itself! (TBA)

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Free Minions
Download v0.1.1.2 (9.4 KB)


This mod simply removes the pointless mana cost on minion staves so you avoid needing exessive amounts of maximum mana just to cast all your minions at once. It also decreases the use time of minion staves by a good margain to speed up minion summoning.

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Guardians mod -New difficulty mode available- -New Class-
Download v2.3.6 (3.5 MB)


Aditional cool content for Terraria including:
8 new mineable ores
11 new bosses
3 new biomes: The Void , the Dragon lair and the ant nest
70 new NPCs
450+ new items
2 new events Starfall and The Swarm
NEW Reaper class
Thrown class support.
NEW Yoyo Mechanics
NEW Flail mechanics
NEW Whips, summon weapons and armor
NEW Mining Drones
Recommended use bosslist and recipe finder as a minimum to help with order of progression.

--Thanks to ItsReaperSquid for the new void snake sprite--

-Added Mining Drones
-Reaper class improvements
-Bug Fixes

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Useful Junk
Download v0.1.1.3 (11 KB)


As the title implies, this mod makes junk useful. At least to an extent, allowing you to break junk down into components, or craft them into other items. Just a basic QOL mod.
Suggestions are welcome, click on the homepage button below to access the forum post.

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Gemifyed (Gemenies Update)
Download v0.8 (126.9 KB)


Currently this mod add in some gear related to gems
+7 Weapons
+6 Projectiles
+6 ArmorSets
+9 Crafting Recipies (for vanilla items such as gems and the bands of regeneration/starpower)

The mod so far is small but I'll keep updating the mod and hopefully this small mod can be a nice expansion on Terraria. The items included so far are really unique and can change the way you play a class.

There will be some more cool things added later like boss battles and more gem items.

The most recent update added:
-Reduced stone cost to craft gemsbut now requires an extractinator
-Living Amethyst (hp: 80, atk: 8)
-Living Topaz (hp: 91, atk: 9)
-Living Sapphire (hp: 102, atk: 10)
-Living Emerald (hp:115, atk: 14)
-Living Ruby (hp: 132, atk: 18)
-Living Diamond (hp: 155, atk: 24)

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Radium Bar Mod
Download v1.0.1 (646 KB)


Radium Mod is a mod that adds to the current ore count, biome count, weapon (all classes) count, and armour count. if there are any major/minor errors in the mod DM me at Regit#2154 deiscord

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Download v0.8.2 (309.1 KB)

Katrix & Gold Prince

This mod is still really early in development, we plan to keep adding more overtime.

If you find a issue with the mod please make a issue at our github or dm me on discord: Katrix#0101

Currently it adds:
2 New ores (one pre-hardmode and one hardmode)
1 New buff
1 New potion
6 New Npcs
44 New Items
3 New Armor Sets

------------------ Changelog ------------------
Update v0.9
- Added a few new weapons
- Added 3 new tools
- Added a new boss
- Added a new ore
- Added server syncing (for when fighting bosses on mp)
- Added Expert mode scaling for mobs/bosses
- Fixed weapons not having the correct crit chance.
- Fixed boss summon items double spawning bosses
- Fixed boss summon items allowing to spawn multiple bosses at the same time
- Other Minor Bug Fixes

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Tintless (WIP)
Download v0.1.1 (34 KB)


This is a mod in progress.

---Update Log---

v0.1.1 - beta version

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Download v0.4 (661.1 KB)


Xoxingas mod is the best.

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Dynamic ModIcon(动态模组图标)
Download v0.1.0.2 (519.5 KB)


Let your module icon move!
See the official website for the tutorial

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