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Markoth Challenge(马科斯挑战)
Download v0.6 (3.6 MB)


Use this mod to challenge the Markoth in Hollow Knight.
You can use Challenge Markoth to enter his dream world and challenge him.
In his world,falling damage is disabled, you can only double jump once and climb walls, you can't place or break tiles in the world, when you touch the spike,you will take more damage and return to the center of the battlefield.
Markoth's dream shield can reflect projectiles, whose owner also has a very high DR for projectiles, but will take 3x damage when you use true melee weapon.
Needs SubworldLibrary.
-Fixed the bug that spikes will not kill you.
-Added the three difficulty modes: ATTUNED, ASCENDED, and RADIANT.
-Modify Markoth AI less aggressive.
-Death in the dream world will not drop money, items, tomb, and will not destroy your player in hardcore.
-Fix the bug that you can't save your player in dream world.
-Modify Markoth's hitbox and the distance and the velocity of the dream shield.
-Decrease Markoth's Damage.
-Modify the way dream nails and dream shield are drawn.
-Greatly increase Markoth's projectile resistance. But every attack cycle ,you will have one chance to do a full attack to him, which will be sure to crit and do double damage.
-Markoth will not do contact damage in his death animination.
-Increase the true melee damage applied to Markoth to 4x, but he now can be knocked back.
-Increase spike damage in Ascended mode.


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Download v0.3.4 (61.8 KB)


Мод добавляет:
1 стрелковое оружие(пост мунлорд).
1 кирку(пост мунлорд).
1 руду(пост мунлорд).

Изменения v0.3.4:
1. Изменена текстура Манипулятора материи.

Изменения v0.3.3:
1. Изменена иконка мода ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Изменения v0.3.2:
1. Изменён спрайт Минигана.
2. Изменён звук выстрела Минигана.

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Project Zero XD
Download v0.0.2.1 (166.7 KB)

Lavit Scarlet

Project Zero (PZ) mod that adds little things

And why download this mod?

This mod is not as unrelated to "Ancients Awakened".
I'm not good at coding.
Will be studying.
I'm from Russia.
For all questions write to me in Steam.
And I don't know English well.


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Chad's Better Prefixes
Download v0.3 (75.7 KB)

Chad Dewitt

This mod adds two modifiers. Giga Ass and Chad's Ass.

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Creeper, Aw Man
Download v1.6.2 (3.2 MB)


Aw man, here we go again.
This isn't a copy of the original, it's a rewrite with cleaner code and a few changes.
Anyway, this is a mod that adds Minecraft's iconic hissing, exploding mascot to Terraria.

Current Features:
3 variants of Creepers: Standard, Charged, and exclusive to Creeper, Aw Man, the Stealth Creeper.
1 pet: An adorable Creeper Hatchling who rides into the night on a Phantom!
1 decorative tile: A Jukebox that plays music!

It's pretty barebones right now compared to the original, but I wanted to take the time to refine it better later on.

---Version History---
[+] Added an easter egg to the Creeper pet
[+] Suspicious Looking Gunpowder is significantly easier to obtain and is now once again a guaranteed drop from Charged Creepers

[+] Stealth Creepers have slightly more damage resistance when cloaked
[~] Ranged projectiles will now miss Stealth Creepers when they are at full health, however they are not as quick at exploding in this case

[~] Added a friendly reminder to remove the old version of Creeper, Aw Man from your enabled list

[~] Stealth Creepers have more damage resistance when cloaked at least halfway and cannot be critically hit when fully cloaked

[~] Fixed an issue with Charged Creepers exploding

[~] Drops from Creepers now require some sort of interaction with the player, no more lava farms though not that they worked with Stealth and Charged Creepers anyway

[~] Sped up the standard Creeper's fuse time
[~] Lowered all Creepers' damage resistance a bit

[~] Stealth Creepers briefly lose their invisibility after being hit, they also take a while longer to blow up but are somewhat quieter to compensate

[+] Added recipes for grenades, bombs, and dynamite using explosive powder and iron/lead, these recipes will become obselete pretty quickly but at least you'll have a use for all that explosive powder in prehardmode
[~] Adjusted explosive powder drop rate for charged Creepers because I forgot to

Changes from previous release:
[+] Code is cleaned up and generally better
[+] Added banners
[~] A namespace change was in order
[~] Initial time for Creepers to play their "say" sound is randomized
[~] Time between Creeper "say" sounds is slightly longer, from 2-5 seconds to 3-7 seconds
[~] Standard Creepers should have better collision detection logic when deciding to blow up
[~] Stealth Creepers have a slightly different sprite, it looks pretty menacing now
[~] A few changes to how Creepers explode, they no longer use a projectile
[~] Jukebox now plays C418 - Wait instead of Modular (I never got in trouble for using Modular, but I might as well change it just in case, still a great song though)
[-] Charged Creeper is no longer a boss (but maybe it will revert when I figure out how its AI will work, a fighter AI boss is too cliche)
[-] Removed Shining Creeper and Creeper Hatchling
[-] Removed Heart of the Storm and Creeper's Awe (They may see a return eventually however, but Creeper's Awe will be changed for a reason that I will explain below)
[-] Due to complications, Fargo's support is dropped, including anything related to Fargo's Souls Mod (however the mutant will sell the summon for the Charged Creeper if it ever becomes a boss again)
There's probably a few other things I missed

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Qwerty's Bosses and Items
Download v0.21.14 (35.6 MB)


This mod adds whatever I feel like adding. I generally try to make the content I add feel unique.
I have a forum page and discord server for the mod where you can read up on the content, leave suggestions, or report bugs
Also working on a wiki

-8 bosses with custom AI!
-A new sky fortress biome/strucutre with randomised layouts, and new enemeis with custom AI!
-A new event the dino militia!
-8 new accesory prefixes!
-over 400 items total! including...
-many new armor sets all with unique effects
-LOADS of cool and unique weapons!

I'm not that good of a spriter so here I'll give thanks to the spriters who helped!
-Liquidated Assets

Extra thanks
-Turquiose (for writing custom themes)
-musicman (polar exterminator theme)
-Kerdo (Russian Translations)
-Cerberus (Chinese Translations)

-added bionic armor
-added shape shift: the spazer's eye
-added shape shift: skull copter
-added shape shift: thorn mass
-added morph gem (sold by traveling merchent 20%)
-added model bone (drops from skeletons in the dungeon)
-added transmutation gem

-stable morps now have a tooltip that explains how to deactivate them
-questionable substance no longer works on summons and has its damage reduced 14%, its spread has been reduced
-rhuthinium bracelet finally has a use!
-tile staff damage reduced 28->26, attack cooldown increased 20->30
-fixed fall damage bug with stable moprhs
-fixed titanium knife crafting
-fixed conspiritor emblem not being able to craft avenger emblem
-orichalcum drifter ai overhauled, damage increased to 60

-Fire hydrent has been tweaked to be a hardmode upgrade to the hydrospear, this should distinguish it from the hydra javelin better
-hydra beem is now a channeled weapon controled by the cursor
-reduced the lifetime of the hydra missile rod's hydra heads
-fixed hydra barrage not granting invulnerability

-Icon of the conqueror now uses hallowed bars instead of souls of might
-nerfed the max crit and damage bonus on etimsic robes and facemassk

-Fixed a severe bug where using the old Rhuthinium sprite setting would prevent the mod from loading, which would prevent you from turning it back off...

-fixed stable morphs resetting flight time
-fixed the spiked slime shift
-fixed stable morph no longer being effected by dyes


-added a hotkey that will allow the player to quickly use quick morphs then switch back to whatever they were using
-reworked stable morphs
--stable morps are no longer mounts, and are now activated with a new 'quick stable morph' hotkey
--quick heal, buf, and mana, now work when morphed
--morph sickness has been done away witt, the fact that shapefiter equipment encourages staying morphed should be sufficient enough.
--Due to the removal of morph sickeness the emeral eye and its upgrades have been removed.
-etimsic armor has been tweaked
-buffed tank commander's set bonus
-clay plate effect changed
-nefed glass cannon since you no longer need to be helpless for 3 seconds to start using it

-new sprites for many dino militia enemies (thanks Donmor)
-fixed shape shift: hydra barrage not making the player invulnerable
-shape shift: Rhuthinium barrage now makes the player invulnerable while in use

-fixed glass blade's recipe
-fixed mythril prism and chloro sniper minion not orbiting player

-Ancient machine's defense reduced 18->14
-Imperious's defense lowers to 34 when entering its second phase
-piercing potion armor penetration reduced 12->8
-brutal necklace armor penetration 6->5

-mini tank damage increased 30->32
-mini tanks should be better at targeting large enemies that are slightly below them verticly

-tweaked arachnoyo's interaction's with the yoyo bag slightly
-added arsenal (new Imperious drop)
-Swordsman badge drop rate is now independent of weapon drops

-When Imperious is spawned in it will start facing away from the player (should prevent Imperious from immediatly charging toward the player from offscreen at high speeds)
-Imperious will no longer use swordlagmite or swordpocalypse in its second phase in singleplayer
-Imperious's phantom ring attack will attack in 4 waves instead of 7
-Imperious is now invulnerable when transitioning to the second phase

-Ancient miner is now a strictly 3x3 miner, since it would lose modifers when switching modes
-Nerfed rhuthinium pickaxe and hamaxe mining speed and anmiation speed to be the same as molten tools
-Reworked burst miner to act like a pre hardmode shroomite digging claw, renamed to stream miner

-Added Hydrill
-added Shape Shift: Hydra Barrage
-hydra missile rod is now a hydra drop but has been nerfed to compensate for earlier progression

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Tutorial Mod
Download v0.1 (71.7 KB)

Chad Dewitt

Localizer Package
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Download v1.1 (73.2 KB)


This is actually a mod I've been developing for quite some time after the teaser in Industrial Pickaxes, but I hadn't had the motivation to finish it until now!

Latest update: Decresed fuel consumption rate for nearly all beamaxes, canisters are slightly less expensive, Soul Canisters now only require boss souls, Glass Beamshovel is slightly less useless, all beamaxes give 75% of used materials when dismantled, Concave Lens can be crafted into a Lens, and you can craft Concave Lens using 2 Lens and 10 Glass

This mod adds a new set of tools known as Beamaxes, they come in multiple tiers and are excellent at mining from afar.
To start off, you are given a Wooden Beamaxe, which isn't the best, but it's a start.
In order to progress you are going to need to make a laser focus. You only need one for all of the beamaxes, as you can upgrade the laser focus.
If you already used your laser focus for a beamaxe, fret not, as you can reclaim it (and 75% of other materials) by dismantling the beamaxe by right clicking it in the inventory.
Better beamaxes have better range, and the late hardmode ones mine more tiles in a radius!
There's even a strange variant of the beamaxe known as the Glass Beamshovel, for that you'll need a concave lens, sometimes dropped by demon eyes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this mod, or would like to report a bug, contact Chem#2061 on Discord!

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Memes Unleashed
Download v2.6.6.1 (22.8 MB)


Memes Unleashed is a random content mod that adds meme stuff and content from other games that I enjoy. I hope that you too will enjoy my 2 years of work on this disaster.

So far, we've got 300+ items and 9 bosses along with a whole lot of new recipes for your favorite vanilla items and new wacky enemies to challenge.

Shoutouts to Mod Contributors who helped this mod's progression in some way or another, it's much appreciated :]


Added a small explosion effect to Fireblast
Added Red Temperance
Added Doritos Temperance
Added Vine Rifle
Nerfed Counter Lance

Added Beenana Star
Added Crusty Crab Cake
Changed the rarity value of Beeomass Armor
Removed AWP
Removed AK47

Added a second phase to Sanic
Removed Mayro and Weegee because they're bad and smelly

Added Portal to the Bee Dimension (a boss)
Added Beeomass
Added Beeomass Armor

Added Epic Delta Worm
Added Guardian of the Epic Delta Worm
Added Static Dagger to the Bootleg Mystery Box pool
Added Static Trident to the Bootleg Mystery Box pool

Added e
Added flavor text to legacy items
Added random loot boxes

Added summon benefits to Lizard Armor
Added a visual effect to Forager's Magic Protractor

More tweaks to Giant Grasshopper
Added Forager's Magic Protractor
Added Crystal Pepsi
Added Infinity Jersey

Removed a bunch of annoying stuff lol

Removed Big Guy
Nerfed Boi Mech
Nerfed Omega Pepe

Added Shaman Staff
Added Crystal Overdriver
Added Crusty Cola, which you can get from silt blocks
Fixed a couple frame issues on some enemies

Removed Static Launcher
Removed Mega Launcher
Added Dubstep Gun
Added Royal Larva
Royal Larva now drops from Lamp Queen

Added block drops for some enemies
Dungeon Guardian now drops a lot of bones
Crabs now have a small chance of dropping crab cakes
Buffed Nerf Super Spaghetti Soaker
Slightly nerfed Missingno
Buffed Killdozer significantly

Removed Grape Sodagun
Removed Orange Sodagun
Added pitch variance to some weapons

Added Champion's Gauntlet
Added Flint Shield
Added Furious Shield
Added +1 block placing range to Magic Protractor
Added Thunderbolt Sprinters
(More equipables soon to come ;])

Added Shale Wall
Added Static Axe
Added Static Hammer
Nerfed Uber Blunt

Added Vine Pickaxe
Added Magmium Hamaxe
Nerfed all tool speeds (like seriously wtf)

Added Lightbulb
Added Lamp Queen
Nerfed Slime Ball
Nerfed Lava Wand

Buffed Kitchen Gun slightly.
Added post ML Weeb Sword upgrade that has a really long name that I can't remember.
Re-added Meme Stone furniture.
Fixed Brimstone Shots.
Added Sanic's Lucky Wooden Shovel.
Removed a few items (Old Spice, Chap Stick, Sanic's Gardening Shovel).

Nerfed Uber Kunai
Added Angry Grasshopper Pet
Added Dead Meme Pet
Added Cybirb Pet
The event item Blue Bit is now permanently craftable
Fixed an issue with Big Guys not spawning correctly on the Eye of Cthulhu
Giant Grasshopper now jumps a lot higher
Increased the minimum amount of vines dropped by the Epic Purplor miniboss

Re-added Sanic's Lucky Gardening Shovel
Fixed Sanic's boss summon recipe
Fixed issues with legacy items not having projectiles or not working correctly.

Added a TON of content from other old mods.
Shrunk the static biome.
Re-added the Ultimate Bullet Hell.
Fixed an issue where multiplayer would cause an error.

Hint Mask & Rando Mask now Craftable
Fixed Hint Mask offset
Re-added Pepsi
Removed Illuminati Rain (super annoying good riddance)

Minor tweaks
Updated Meme Coin sprite
Updated Bioluminescent Blade sprite
Removed some unnecessary cluttering items
Added Hint Mask
Added Rando Mask
Fixed an issue with pets not despawning

v.2.5.8 (post purge)
Added everything!
Merged with the beemschurger mod.

--Time Skip--

Added Ball Cat
Added Baby Star
Fixed the Staticized Zombie's hitbox
Slightly nerfed the Sodaguns

Removed a couple generally useless items
Fixed the Giant Grasshopper and Angry Grasshopper sprites

Minor fixes to a few throwing weapons
Added Static Tridents
Added lenses as a drop from Cybirbs

Changed the Static Biome
Added Static Diamond
Added Static Armor, a throwing set
Added Staticized Zombie
Added Staticized Skull

Added the Static Biome

Added Lenny Golem
Added Boi Mech
Added The Aerial Invasion
Added the Strange Device
Nerfed Sanic and changed its AI

Added biome dedicated spawns, the B

Localizer Package
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Battle Arsenal
Download v0.0.12 (179.8 KB)


Battle Arsenal is a Mod that adds Weapons and Tools.
This is a extremly early build of the mod. There will be more items, armor, accessories, and enimes in the future.
I test everything in a test mob before I port it over to here.
This is my first mod so I hope you enjoy it.
I will try my best to keep on updating it.
Sourse code from ExampleMod.

Version 0.0.12
Turn to the skies to get Star Splitter. New hardmode Spear.
-Added New weapons Star Spittler and Metal Flail.
-Added New Tile Weapons Table (Works as a normal crafting table ATM)

Version 0.0.11
Automate your Air guns with batteries.
All Air Pistols have an Automatic version of them now.
-Added Auto Air Pistols for all Tiers.

Version 0.0.10
The Underworld is hot, so is Hell's Heat. New Tier Upgrades Added for the Air Pistols.
-Added "BloodCursedAir" and "Hell's Heat" The Tier Four and Five Air Pistols.
-Changed You must use an anvil for Tier upgrades now.

Version 0.0.9
Big content update. Now with T5 Tools.
All Pre-Hardmode tools out. (Some Sprites will change.)
-Added T2,T3,T4,and T5 tools
-Added new ammo (Plastic Bullet)
-Added T3 Air Pistol
-Changed Sprite of T2 Air Pistol
-Changed Projectile of Air Guns to Plastic Bullet
More items to upgrade your gear.
-Added tier two and tier three plates.
-Added Batteries (Has no use ATM)
-Added A Tier two Air Pistol

Version 0.0.8
Say goodbye to the Stone Age with Plating."The Anvil is your Best friend."
Upgrade all Stone tools with Metal Plates.
- Added Plated Axe, Plated Pickaxe, Plated Hammer, and Plated Hamaxe.

Version 0.0.7
New Items to spice up the crafting procces Metal Plates and Plastic.
-Hint you will need a good amount of gel.
-Added Metal Plates and Plastic.
-Changed The crafting for Air Pistol to use new items.
-Buffed Air Pistol slightly to go with this change.

Version 0.0.6
Ranger class now has a weapon the Air Pistol. No ammo required right now.
-Added Air Pistol

Version 0.0.5
Now with more Stone Tools
-Added Stone Axe, Stone Hammer, and Stone Hamaxe.
-Ruced Stone Pickaxe's damage to 7.
-Added icon.

Version 0.0.4
Harness the Power of fire with Fire Bringer a new sword of fire.
-Added New sword "Fire Bringer"

Version 0.0.3
-Made All swords Non-Autoswing.

Version 0.0.2
-Added a Stone and Dirs Sword.
-Changed the rarity value of items.

Localizer Package
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Red's Grabage Modpack
Download v0.2 (82.7 KB)

Red Mistake

things... uh... It adds things! yes MANY things like um...
an apple block
an apple sword
an apple slime
TOAST tiles (added by request)
apple tiles
smooth dirt (the most important thing)
apple pickaxe
a plain mushroom block
2 mushroom swords (added by request)
sh- i mean dirt bricks
2 unused broken banners
a living among us reference
princess slime
"white" slime
princess slime and prince slime trophys
living dirt and workbench
apple eye
apple pickaxe
7 monster trophies
an unused mimic that i was to lazy to finish but is spawnable with the heros mod that is broken and the drops make no sense and this is to long to fit in one line of text on the tmodloader menu
two baby slimes
and a flesh slime
(this mod is not finished)

Localizer Package
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Ahndrek's Basic Firearms
Download v1.1.0 (36 KB)

Ahndrek Li'Cyri

Ahndrek's Basic Firearms is a mod that adds in some firearms to early game for gun-type ranger players!
Currently it adds in 9 pistols, 2 SMGs, and 2 crafting materials.

This was created to fill the seeming "gap" for gunslinger type rangers in the progression tree.

Curr. Version: v1.1.0

Localizer Package
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Storm Diver's Additions and Changes
Download v1.5.4 (736.3 KB)

Storm Diver

You can find update changes on the Github release page:
Also join the Discord server for sneek peaks at upcoming content:

This mod attempts to add some of the ideas that I (Storm Diver) have suggested on the forums, plus a bunch of new content I made up along the way.

This mod includes:

-44 New unique weapons
-14 new ammos
-7 new tools
-New recipes for certain uncraftable vanilla items
-2 new bars and ore
-14 new accessories
-11 new buffs and 6 new potions
-11 new debuffs
-New armour and Vanity sets
-A new way to get the Rod of Discord :)
-Some new shop items
-2 new pets
-New enemies, including many Derplings
-A way to remove the shields from the pillars prematurely

This mod also has some vanilla changes including:

-Buffed Ore armour stats and cheaper recipe
-Buffed Original Hardmode Ore armour defence
-Buffed Frost and Forbidden armours plus new recipe
-Buffed Solar flare armour
-New set bonuses for Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Rain, Eskimo and Obsidian armour
-Gladiator armour now a ranged set
-Mechanical souls recipes rebalanced
-Cheaper Super Healing potion Recipe

Also check the configuration options if you don't like modifications to vanilla items

Localizer Package
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Flex Tape III (Now With A Phil Swift Boss)
Download v1.2.0.1 (4.6 MB)

TheBlackAbyss and SpaceC…

This is a mod that adds content based on memes and inside jokes within my friend group and memes in general, from early Hardmode all the way to post-Moon Lord.

If you are having issues, encountering glitches, or have suggestions to better balance this mod, report it on the discord server.
There are 4 different progression stages of equipment throughout the mod.

Stage 1: Pre Mech Bosses
Stage 2: Post Golem
Stage 3: Post Moon Lord
Stage 4: Post Phil Swift The Angered boss

All armor in this mod buffs all damage types and increases stats specific to mages and summoners, so it can be utilized by all classes.

This mod is still a WIP and I will be adding more items and progression stages over time.

Disclaimer: The use of this copyrighted material falls under fair use.


New BIG Content:
*Phil Swift The Angered boss has been added and can be summoned by consuming Flex Paste, after Moon Lord has been defeated.
*Phil Swift The Angered is compatable with the Boss Checklist mod.
*Phil Swift The Angered drops True Flex Tape to craft Stage 4 and a boat mount. The boat mount has a 10% drop chance (20% in expert mode).
*I have added accessories; some being upgrades to vanilla accessories while others make you extremely powerful, but give you a negative side effect to balance it out.
*The Big Boi NPC has recieved a major rework and now spawns after entering Hardmode and sells weapons through out the games progression. He now accepts only Doge Coins,
a new currency, dropped by every Hardmode boss and the Phil Swift The Angered.

Stage 1 New Weapons: Gun.jpg, Skyrim Fork, Grandma, Homerun Bat

Stage 2 New Weapons: Barrel Blast, Roblox Sword

Stage 3 New Weapons: Flex Shotgun, Shrek on a Stick

Stage 4 New Weapons: Phil Cannon, Good Old GPU, Philyo, The Great Philter, The Greed, Phil Swift's Giant Log

Weapon Reworks/Stage Shifts:
*Appliance Alliance: Reworked into a shotgun.
*Phil Swift's Chainsaw: Has a movable blade instead of being a static hitbox.
*The Greed: Was shifted to stage 4 and buffed accordingly.
*Phil Swift's Giant Log: Used to be The Long Boi, was renamed, shifted to stage 4 and buffed accordingly.

Other Changes:
*A lot of weapon buffs, reworks and crafting recipe changes to make them more worth while.
*I removed Dirt from the mod's code so I can make it a legitimately obtainable super powerful endgame weapon without spoiling its development progress.

Localizer Package
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Azercadmium Mod
Download v0.2.4.4 (5.4 MB)

BraycoeYT and the Sprite…

Reborn version of the Zylon Mod. Give me a few updates, and this mod will be completely remade from craziness to something actually good.

This mod has many peculiar things, including ore furniture, two unique subclasses, and a giant floating ball of dirt.
This mod also has QoL changes, such as an easier Slime Crown recipe, crimson alternates, and some hardmode enemies dropping prehardmode loot.

~245 Items
~42 total NPCs
~4 Bosses:
^2 Prehardmode Bosses
^2 Hardmode Bosses
~2 Town NPCs
~42 Tiles
~25 Buffs
~1 Ore
~2 Subclasses
~2 Custom Soundtracks
~2 Rarities
~1 Unfinished Game Mode

Cross-mod Content with Asteri and Havoc Mod.

Spriters/Other Help:
GOA7 (Spriter/Music)
Koolaidlemonade (Inactive Spriter)
HBDeus (Inactive Spriter)
VaultyBoi (Spriter)
Unboxing Video (Wiki)

Minor Help/Quit:
CrazySapling1 (Quit Spriter)
Sness (Two sprites)
Math (Minor Wiki)
Ashe (Minor Wiki)
Pufferfish77 (Minor Concepts and Sprites)
Setnour6 (M.Nova Sprite and C.Virus Theme)
Woodio (Some Devastation Mode code)

Multiplayer support is unknown, but most of us play alone anyway.

Update V0.2.4.4: Town NPC Update
~Updated Braycoe Town NPC chat
~Braycoe Town NPC now lets you cycle through options
~With the above change, a new "Impressions" option has been added, where I leave my thoughts on bosses, biomes, and more.
~Removed Hitman for being low quality

Localizer Package
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Vibrant Reverie (W1K's Mod Redux)
Download v1.2.0.1 (9.6 MB)

W1K and MurrayZero

Vibrant Reverie! Formerly W1K's Mod Redux, the successor to W1K's Modpack, W1K's Content Pack Remix and W1K's Sizeable Variety Package, now with 100% less questionable and a slightly more original name. 1.2 also includes an 800% more reasonable jungle boss and a brand new desert first boss! Kut-Ku is gone but it'll be a worthy sacrifice, trust me.

Vibrant Reverie is and will always be a content pack, compilation of my questionable coding prowess, designed to blend as much as my effort can possibly afford with the game's original concept of balance. This means:
- It includes contents, a REASONABLE amount of contents, NPCs, 10 custom bosses, around 140 items, at least by the last time I bothered checking.
- All bosses and a good chunk of NPCs have their own unique AIs.
- It's balanced, with a maniacal level of attention. Dare to prove otherwise and you get a refund.
- You can turn into a dragon! (for real this time)
- Works just fine with AT LEAST Thorium Mod because I tried.
- Supports Boss Checklist and W1K's Weapon Scaling.

Refer to the official forum thread for more details.

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Highlander: Cosmetics and Content
Download v1.4.2.3 (1 MB)


Highlander is a content mod that focuses on adding mostly cosmetic items.

- 3 Bosses
- 2 Town NPCs
- 40+ vanity items
- Several non-vanity items to add variety to gameplay

Many cosmetic items added are inspired by Team Fortress 2 cosmetics. The Haunted Hatter must be killed to acquire these items. Hat Lock Boxes will drop after the Haunted Hatter is killed.

There are 4 Hat Lock Boxes that can be opened to obtain different sets of hats. A Hat Lock Box must be opened with a key bought from the Hat Salesman. There is a small chance to obtain a hat with an unusual effect after opening a Hat Lock Box.

Non-cosmetic items added are rewards for beating the bosses as well as some odd weapons I thought would fit well into Terraria and add variety. These items generally have a twist that makes their mechanics unique.

Recent Changes: - Added new Unusual effects (Amaranthine, Stare From Beyond, and The Ooze). Added more Halloween hats. Improved sprites for some other hats. - Fixed some subtle graphical glitches with the larger hats. Fixed some mounts not having the proper offset for effects.

Currently Working On:
Maybe make more original hats

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Terraria Supercharged mod
Download v0.2.6 (2 MB)

Marisson_fr, Lazer, Dest…

Terraria Supercharged mod is a mod that adds at the moment:

- 6 ennemies
- 14 accessories
- 5 crafting materials
- 9 melee weapons
- 6 magic weapons
- 2 summon weapons
- 1 ranged weapon

the mod is still beeing developped so dont expect something big right now.
first boss should be added in less than two months!

if you want to know more about the mod, you can check out the official Discord server:

last changes:
- eoc summon has his damage back hoever he only does 7 damage
- golden slime staff has a reasonable sell price

- resprited golden slime staff, summon and buff
- added flight animation to golden slime summon
- changed recipe of golden slime staff
- removed contact damage of EOC summon
- reduced golden gel drop rates
- removed paricles effect from angel slimes (flood)
- added winged orb iten (luminangel light pet)
- added helio wings
- angel slimes now drop winged orb

- fixed angel slimes dealing 400 damage and 3000 hp

- fixed woodcrest multiclass badge increasing ranged damage instead of all damage
- added angel slime
- added 4 variants of angel slime

- added life shard
- organ slimes now drop life shard
- added recipe for woodcrest multiclass badge
- reduced mama given by woodcrest multiclass badge by 10

- renamed magic knifes into starlight knifes and resprited them
- renamed knife pouch into knife fan
- resprited knife fan and updated tooltip
- knife fan no longers need luminite to craft
- changed recipe of starlight knifes to use 1 mana crystal and only 100 knifes
- added yellow light and particles to starlight knifes
- added bambow, flaming bambow, freezing bambow
- recolored reprogrammed probe buff
- flowery bar is now crafted on lizhard furnace
- fixed craft of woodcrest badges and reprogrammed probe staff
- added retina scepter

- renamed Corruflame Berserk Warhammer into Corruflame Warhammer, Crimblood Assassin Dagger into Crimblood Dagger and
Pearled Shinobi Katana into Prism's Katana
- resprited flowery bar, life blossom and Prism's Katana
- fixed corruflame warhamer's projectile dealing magic damage
- Prism's katana and it's projectile now inflict Confused on hit
- reduced corruflame warhamer projectile speed by 1 and damage by 15
- increased Crimblood Dagger projectile speed by 1
- increased Prism's katana damage by 20
- added crystal sards and souls of light to Prism's katana craft
- entierely changed Prism's katana projectile
- fixed the celestial heart beeing able to be crafted with nothing
- uptated Sun harpy's animation to be faster
- decreased spawn and drop rates of hardmode slime warrior
- recolored the container
- added glowing spores
- flowery bar now needs glowing spores to be crafted
- changed flowery bar tooltip to "Spiritual flower ingot used by jungle summoners"
- added spore spirit
- woodcrest sword reworked: shoots crystal projectiles but halved damage
- added light dust to sun harpy and golen slime
- added woodcrest armor, bow and hammer
- added woodcrest melee, magic, summon, ranged and multiclass badges
- added reprogrammed probe staff
- sharkron blastlancher does not need frost daggerfish anymore

- added but not inpleinmented demon diamond shooter
- added sprite for celestial heart

- renamed blooming core to life blossom, life beetle to Core Beetle and sticky coin to obsidi-sticky coin
- added sprites for nature's heart, life blossom, core beetle, shrooming heart, spectral soul, jungle petal, flowery bar,
organs in a jar, the container
- added bottled water to organs in a jar craft
- fixed celestial heart's rarity
- added animated sprite for obsidi-sticky coin and hallowed plate

- minor changes to items rarity
- added 6 accessories: nature's heart, blooming core, spectral soul, life beetle, shrooming heart, celestial heart
- added jungle petal and flowery bar
- reduced max mana given by organs in a jar and upgrades

- added guide holly doll but dont works
- fixed sound issues
- fixed organ slimes having the wrong particles
- increased money dropped by golden slimes
- added armor penetration for chained organs and upgrades
- added 2 accessories: Hallowed Plate and The Container


- added organ slimes
- added 6 accessories: Superior Brain, Core's Heart, All Seeing Eye, Chained Organs, Sticky Coin and Organs In A Jar
- added slime staff loot for slime warrior
- added golden slime staff
- added blood jelly

- changed slime ball texture
- added hardmode variant of the Slime warrior
- added Golden slime and Golden gel
- updated Slimy stabber tooltip

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Cosmivengeon Mod - Scales and Storm Update
Download v0.1.11 (12 MB)


The official Cosmivengeon mod.
Please read the thread on our homepage for more info!

(Currently only contains content up to the Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu progression-wise.)

This mod adds the following:
2 Bosses
Several NPCs
Several Items
10 Buffs/Debuffs
1 New game mode (Desolation)
4 Songs
1 new ability (Stamina)

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DOOM Mod Music (Read Description)
Download v0.2 (47.6 MB)


I made this a separate mod to DOOM Mod because if you want you can have
some nice doom music with out crazy weapons, or you can have both!

This mod includes:
Bobby Prince Town NPC

He moves in and sells Classic doom music boxes after King Slime has been defeated.
just testing stuff, DOOM Mod itself isnt out yet

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