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Chad's Better Prefixes
Download v0.3 (75.7 KB)

Chad Dewitt

This mod adds two modifiers. Giga Ass and Chad's Ass.

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Tutorial Mod
Download v0.1 (71.7 KB)

Chad Dewitt

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DOOM Mod Music (Read Description)
Download v0.2 (47.6 MB)


I made this a separate mod to DOOM Mod because if you want you can have
some nice doom music with out crazy weapons, or you can have both!

This mod includes:
Bobby Prince Town NPC

He moves in and sells Classic doom music boxes after King Slime has been defeated.
just testing stuff, DOOM Mod itself isnt out yet

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Red's Grabage Modpack
Download v0.2 (82.7 KB)

Red Mistake

things... uh... It adds things! yes MANY things like um...
an apple block
an apple sword
an apple slime
TOAST tiles (added by request)
apple tiles
smooth dirt (the most important thing)
apple pickaxe
a plain mushroom block
2 mushroom swords (added by request)
sh- i mean dirt bricks
2 unused broken banners
a living among us reference
princess slime
"white" slime
princess slime and prince slime trophys
living dirt and workbench
apple eye
apple pickaxe
7 monster trophies
an unused mimic that i was to lazy to finish but is spawnable with the heros mod that is broken and the drops make no sense and this is to long to fit in one line of text on the tmodloader menu
two baby slimes
and a flesh slime
(this mod is not finished)

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Da Big Guns
Download v0.1 (11.2 KB)


This mod adds more guns to the game which can be crafted from other guns.
This mod is still VERY beta, new updates will be coming out as soon as i have time to make them.

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SamAndrew's Mod
Download v0.1 (26 KB)


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shootgoose's Ranger+ Mod
Download v0.1 (35.1 KB)


shootgoose's Ranger+ Mod aims to expand the ranger class in Terraria 1.3.5 by adding new weapons, ammunitions, and accessories.

Currently, the mod adds the following:

- 9 new weapons
- 2 new accessories
- 5 new ammunitions

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Download v1.0.1 (16.9 KB)


Aliquantum is a pretty cool mod, it does... well some stupid stuff that I can think of.

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OP Accessory
Download v0.5 (13.2 KB)


This mod adds a accessory that:

Sets your health and mana to 1 million,
Sets your health and mana regen to 1 million per second,
Sets your defense to 10 million,
Sets your armor penetration to 10 million,
Sets your endurance to 1 million percent,
Sets your range for placing blocks to 100, this doesn't work with smart cursor,
Allows for your weapons to do 50 times more damage,
Allows you to evade any attack, moon lord attacks are an exception(Possibly some boss attacks from other mods),
Allows you to have 1 million minions on screen,
Allows you to place walls and blocks insanely fast,
Increases pickaxe & axe speed by 1000%, the game has a cap so it doesn't seem much faster,
Immunity to all debuffs, this includes: Creative Shock, The Tongue, Shadowflame, Mighty wind and some more.

You get it through the use of 1 dirt at a workbench.

Credits to Red Mistake for making the thumbnail.

This is my first mod, so don't expect it to be good.

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Polarities: Cichlid Expansion
Download v0.3 (22.3 KB)


Polarities: Cichlid Expansion is a mod that adds more cichlids based on the Cloud Cichlid from Polarities. Get polarities, also this is still a pretty early version! It adds:
4 critters
4 items

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Starstruck Mod
Download v0.4 (24.9 KB)

Llwydiarth Modding

Welcome to the Starstruck Mod! Here is the Lore:"Many years ago the Terrarians Locked away ancient enemies. It was a terrible battle, but in the end we triumphed, and they were sealed away. Now, They are coming back! You need to defeat them and their master, the Moon Lord, and then you will encounter more enemies and bosses.

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Karen Mod
Download v0.1 (39.4 KB)

Red Mistake

its ok its not great

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Download v0.1 (27.1 KB)


The Rat Pack mod is a W.I.P Mod adding..rat and rat based items. What more can I say?

Update 0.0.1 (10-24-2020)
LAUNCH DATE! Three weapons (Two hardmode)
The Rat Blade
The Skaven Halberd
The Warpstone Tome

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Markoth Challenge(马科斯挑战)
Download v0.6 (3.6 MB)


Use this mod to challenge the Markoth in Hollow Knight.
You can use Challenge Markoth to enter his dream world and challenge him.
In his world,falling damage is disabled, you can only double jump once and climb walls, you can't place or break tiles in the world, when you touch the spike,you will take more damage and return to the center of the battlefield.
Markoth's dream shield can reflect projectiles, whose owner also has a very high DR for projectiles, but will take 3x damage when you use true melee weapon.
Needs SubworldLibrary.
-Fixed the bug that spikes will not kill you.
-Added the three difficulty modes: ATTUNED, ASCENDED, and RADIANT.
-Modify Markoth AI less aggressive.
-Death in the dream world will not drop money, items, tomb, and will not destroy your player in hardcore.
-Fix the bug that you can't save your player in dream world.
-Modify Markoth's hitbox and the distance and the velocity of the dream shield.
-Decrease Markoth's Damage.
-Modify the way dream nails and dream shield are drawn.
-Greatly increase Markoth's projectile resistance. But every attack cycle ,you will have one chance to do a full attack to him, which will be sure to crit and do double damage.
-Markoth will not do contact damage in his death animination.
-Increase the true melee damage applied to Markoth to 4x, but he now can be knocked back.
-Increase spike damage in Ascended mode.


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Portal Of Warcraft
Download v0.1 (30.7 KB)


Portal of warcraft adds the dark portal from world of warcraft to terraria it adds lots of things from world of warcraft and thrall is not broken
he just spawns off the screen.

Bosses & Monsters:

Weapons & Items:
Maghar Sword
Cat Claw
Doom Hammer
Suspicious Looking Hammer
???Secret Item???

Dark Portal
Fel Forge

To get started you will need to craft the dark portal to do that you need to go to a hell forge then just use this recipe:
Stone Slab X100
Soul Of Sight X20
Hallowed Bar X10

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Comically Large Spoon
Download v0.1 (8.1 KB)

Mason Spies

Hey doc, can I get some ice cream?

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Dismantle Everything
Download v0.2 (16.5 KB)


You want to getting rid of ropes or dirt? Maybe your favourite weapon?

Dismantle everything!! (this time no emty Slots :P)

Adds a tile that works like Extractinator that dismantles the currently held item by 1.

You gain Scrap in 4 tiers by dismantling. Tier is random.

You can reforge them into bars:

Tier 1 - Scrap -> Iron Bars or Lead Bars with Furnaces
Tier 2 - Special Scrap -> Hellstone Bars with Hellstone Furnace
Tier 3 - Holy Scrap -> Hallowed Bars with Hardmode Forges
Tier 4 - Legendary Scrap - Luminite Bars with Hardmode Forges

Ps: Pretty unbalanced and i hope you like right clicking.

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Download v0.3.4 (61.8 KB)


Мод добавляет:
1 стрелковое оружие(пост мунлорд).
1 кирку(пост мунлорд).
1 руду(пост мунлорд).

Изменения v0.3.4:
1. Изменена текстура Манипулятора материи.

Изменения v0.3.3:
1. Изменена иконка мода ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Изменения v0.3.2:
1. Изменён спрайт Минигана.
2. Изменён звук выстрела Минигана.

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Download v0.2.0.1 (168.7 KB)


This mod is incomplete. It has been released to show It's current state so I can receive feedbacks on how I can make It.
If you want more infos, click the Homepage button to go to the mod page.

This mod is an attempt of adding a N Terraria style class system to tModLoader.

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busted blades
Download v0.2.7.2 (39.6 KB)


This is not going to be much more than a small mod, considering it is my first.

# I am just going to build this mod as I go on, so it may contain many surprises because I just add basically whatever I feel like!

# As of this mod's release, it contains:

- The Combow, a powerful bow made of the corruption and crimson!

- Crazy Bullets; powerful ammunition that packs a punch!

- The Crusticle, a slow but effective weapon obtained pre-hardmode!

- The Desert Eagle, A powerful golden hand cannon that is everybodies favorite!

- A Spoopy Sword Called The Endlessdark. it contains the power of a demon!

- no1, basically just my first sword. good for just starting off.

- The Stank Blade, A totally epic sword that reeks of a powerful musk!

- The Chilling Tetrablade, A powerful frosty weapon that combines the power of moonlord and the frost moon!

- The Treyssarbe, A 1up to the terrablade made for my friend trey!

# Content soon to come:

- Actually decent sprites!

- Lunar armor, (at least the helmet!) that will make the cultists look weak!

- maybe a boss I don't really know yet tbh.

- prob some enemies?

# Thanks for downloading!
-ZJ Spaar, content creator. sub 2 Zdogplayz or I delete your mom.

also check out Manzello's mod Reawakening!

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